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The co-founder overseeing the technical aspect will play a pivotal role in the development of the electric kitchen device within your startup. Here are some key responsibilities this co-founder might undertake: 1. **Product Development and Design:** - Conceptualizing and developing the electric kitchen device from ideation to prototype. - Designing and optimizing the technical aspects of the product for efficiency and functionality. 2. **Research and Technological Innovation:** - Continuous research into the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in kitchen technology. - Integrating innovative features and technologies to make the device unique and competitive. 3. **Prototyping and Testing:** - Creating prototypes for the kitchen device and conducting comprehensive tests to ensure functionality and reliability. - Iteratively improving the design based on test results and user feedback. 4. **Technical Specifications:** - Creating detailed technical specifications and documentation for the product. - Collaborating with other team members to ensure technical requirements are met. 5. **Team Collaboration:** - Working closely with other co-founders, especially those responsible for marketing, sales, and finance, to ensure technical and business goals align. 6. **Supplier Management:** - Selecting and coordinating suppliers for the required electronic components and materials. - Ensuring an efficient supply chain for production. 7. **Regulatory Requirements:** - Ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory standards and regulations for electrical household appliances. 8. **Scalability and Future Alignment:** - Planning for the scalability of the product to accommodate future developments and market requirements. By taking on these responsibilities, the technical co-founder ensures that the electric kitchen device is not only innovative but also technically robust and market-ready.

Sei dabei wie wir tausende Menschen tagtäglich dabei unterstützen, einfacher neue Kunden zu gewinnen. Sei dabei von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung. Lass uns das Unternehmen gemeinsam skalieren und tausende Menschen erreichen.

We are creating the first well-being game for couples - If it's your first ride: earn how a start-up works and gain first hands experience - You receive a lot of flexibility and responsibility to develop the product - Company shares

To look after everything from tech side

Du würdest die technische Umsetzung unseres Projektes übernehmen. Am besten bist du zwischen 18 & 30 Jahren alt, da wir ein junges Team sind und wohnst in Dortmund oder Umgebung. Das sind aber auf keinen Fall Ausschlusskriterien, also schreib uns einfach gerne! :)

* Design and develop our core product, its architecture, and the technological vision * Represent the company as technology leader during fundraising events * Manage and build out our tech stack and manage its stakeholders * Build and lead a team of in-house (and potentially external) engineers * Grow our fantastic company from scratch by forming an engaging vision, people culture and strong team

A really chill co-founder with lots of experience and a good network. And a great idea that will win hearts in the Korean startup scene. AI integration into app, building a website and a message board. Later on: a web-store for physical products and gamification of user experience. Lead technical side of business including sales team and developer team. Be ready to present pitch deck to investors and come up with ideas (alongside CEO) to raise money.

Das Aufgabenspektrum ist abhängig von den Fähigkeiten des jeweiligen Co-Founders. Aktuell wird in sämtlichen Bereichen nach Support gesucht (insbesondere Sales und IT). Wichtige Aufgaben sind: - Kontaktaufbau und Akquise erster Kunden/Leads - Aufbau eines MVP - Verfeinerung/Evaluierung der Business-Strategie ........

We can discuss how to build a platform together. Currently, I have a ready-made API interface. We need to build a software framework. I can write the content.

Work with myself in being able to build from the ground up a solution which we can quickly get to market. I have vast financial services experience so happy to walk through and be part of requirements. Initially getting the architecture right to be suitable for enterprise environments and then to be part of the building and scaling up.

Wir suchen jemanden, der kommunikativ, teamfähig und eigeninitiativ ist.

- Full Stack Entwicklung - Unterstützung bei der Gründung und Entwicklung des Start Ups

Craft and execute the technical strategy to align with the startup’s goals. Lead the development of our app from conception to launch. Ensure robustness, security, and scalability of our solutions. Collaborate closely with me to integrate technology and business strategies.

• Technologische Leitung: Verantwortung für die gesamte technische Strategie und Ausrichtung von MealMixer. • Produktentwicklung: Leitung der Entwicklung und Umsetzung der App von der Konzeption bis zur Markteinführung. • Teamführung: Aufbau und Führung eines hochqualifizierten Entwickler- und Designerteams. • Technische Architektur: Design und Implementierung einer skalierbaren und robusten technischen Infrastruktur. • Qualitätssicherung: Sicherstellung der hohen Qualität und Sicherheit der App durch kontinuierliche Tests und Optimierungen. • Zusammenarbeit: Enge Zusammenarbeit mit dem Gründer und anderen Stakeholdern, um die Vision und Geschäftsziele von MealMixer zu erreichen

Must be able to translate law into tech (specifically AI). Must achieve high levels of accuracy using LLMs. Must be able to handle different agents and LLMs. RAG, RAFT are also needed.
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