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Deine Aufgabenschwerpunkte Deine Aufgabe wird es sein die technische Entwicklung auf das nächste Level zu bringen. Das bedeutet konkret: • Die Konstruktion im Planungsgrad zu verfeinern, zu optimieren, zu vervollständigen. • Einen technischen Prototypen zu entwickeln und im CNC-Fräs-/ und 3D-Druckverfahren herzustellen. • Die Konstruktion an das Spritzgussverfahren anzupassen, Statikanalysen und Simulationen durchzuführen • Produktionskosten zu ermitteln

As our Technical Co-Founder, together we will endevour a full strat-up journey from building an MVP and fundraising to becoming a market leader. You will be responsible for heading the development of our Famville app. You will play a pivotal role in shaping the technical direction of the company and bringing our vision to life. Here are the key responsibilities: Technical Leadership: Lead the development of the Famville app, from ideation to deployment. Tech Stack Expertise: Select and implement the right technologies to ensure the app's efficiency, scalability, and security. Team Building: Assemble and manage a team of developers, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. Product Innovation: Continuously innovate and improve the app to meet the evolving needs of our users. Strategic Planning: Collaborate with the founder to set and execute the technical roadmap, aligning it with our overall business strategy

- Dein Wissen ist gefragt! Entwickle gemeinsam mit uns den technischen Teil des Context Produktes. - Konzeptioniere und Entwickle gemeinsam mit uns und Experten aus der Medienbranche das Produkt von Context - Baue die technischen Systeme hinter Context auf und somit die datenbasierte Analyse von Informationen - Trainiere eigene KI-Modelle, vor allem Natural Language Processing und Deep Learning - Trage mit Context aktiv dazu bei soziale und gesellschaftliche Faktoren wie hochwertige Bildungs, Chancengleichheit und Demokratische Systeme zu fördern - Leite in weiterer Sicht ein Entwicklungsteam

Define the marketing and the sales for a new startup with big groth ambitions. Define the product and marketing design. Create.

Sei dabei wie wir tausende Menschen tagtäglich dabei unterstützen, einfacher neue Kunden zu gewinnen. Sei dabei von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung. Lass uns das Unternehmen gemeinsam skalieren und tausende Menschen erreichen.

We are creating the first well-being game for couples - If it's your first ride: earn how a start-up works and gain first hands experience - You receive a lot of flexibility and responsibility to develop the product - Company shares

Modify xCode and Swift UI files to create a consumer-facing version of our MVP, build AWS backend to host software and spatial data capture, and work with third part developers to create a 3D model web viewer. Maintain code, develop products, and strategically think about how to structure/build new products.

Tiny Tutors isn't just an educational app: A transformative adventure for children aged 3-8. Our games, built on didactic standards, teach while keeping kids engaged. We prioritize digital awareness and positive emotional health. The game-changer? Our line of real toys that unlock exclusive content. This way we can hook into the massive success of toys like Toniebox, TipToi, and Toys-to-Life games, while also bypassing app store fees. We want to have an ad-free business model and want to regularly encourage kids to play in the real world and include their plush into the gameplay. But here's where we truly stand out: From day one, we want to focus on translation and localization. While big apps have already saturated the major markets with high quality English, Chinese and Russian games, we will be penetrating smaller, emerging markets where parents have longed for educational content in their native languages, be it French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, or others. Here's the spectrum of tasks we haven't covered yet and would need help with: Manufacturing and Supply Chain: Establish relationships with toy manufacturers. Oversee production processes and quality control. Manage inventory and supply chain logistics. Sales and Marketing: Develop and execute a sales and marketing strategy. Establish partnerships with retail stores and distributors. Create promotional campaigns to drive product awareness. Investor Relations: Identify potential investors and pitch the business. Develop and maintain relationships with investors. Secure funding and manage financial aspects of the business. Communication and Networking: Communicate effectively with stakeholders, including manufacturers and retailers. Network within the industry to build valuable connections. Represent the company in events and conferences.

As a startup team, we offer the capability our people to be involved in various aspects of the business. More details will be provided during our first call.

As a startup team, we offer the capability our people to be involved in various aspects of the business. More details will be provided during our first call.

Our IT infrastructure is a 'tabula rosa' ready to be chiseled into something great. Tasks will run the full spectrum from front-end to back-end to A.I. This is not for the inexperienced but the earning potential is high.

Customer Engagement: Build and maintain strong relationships with prospective and existing clients, understanding their unique needs and effectively communicating the value of our solutions. Technical Expertise: Demonstrate a deep understanding of our technology, providing technical insights to clients and assisting them in integrating our solutions into their energy systems. Sales Strategy: Develop and implement effective sales strategies, identifying key opportunities, and collaborating with the broader team to achieve revenue targets. Lead Generation: Proactively identify and pursue new business opportunities, including attending industry events, conferences, and networking to expand our client base.

Als Teil des Management-Teams neben CEO und CCO übernimmst du die technische Gesamtverantwortung für unser Startup. Dabei bist du sowohl Technology Leader als auch People Leader für unser Entwickler-Team. Du kümmerst dich um die Software-Architektur der Beta-Version unserer App, begleitest den Release unserer Beta-Version an unsere Pilotkund:innen und übernimmst die technische Betreuung des ersten Testzyklus der Beta-Version ab März 2024. Als CTO bist du hierbei Ansprechpartner:in für alle technischen Fragestellungen.

We are currently looking for an in-house App Developer who loves to join our Startup team and gets the full responsibility to maintain and develop our LetsNet App. The App has been already developed by an external company but we are looking for someone who has a passion to build up together with us the ultimate networking app for business travelers around the world. We are working completely remote and are flexible with working hours. Your Main tasks are the Development and Maintaing Part. If you´re are student who has already some app development expierence feel free to contact us aswell.
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