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102 Startup-Jobs found

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The main focus of your range of tasks is of course the ML/AI department in the startup. More detailed tasks and requirements can be discussed during an initial online call. Together with the CTO, you will form the technical head of the company.

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey to disrupt the coffee machine market? Join our team as a co-founder and play a pivotal role in turning our vision into reality. You will join us in the pre-seed and pre-funding phase, and become a full-fledged co-founder with all its risks and rewards. Our groundbreaking solution offers barista-quality coffee without the space and effort constraints of traditional machines. Say goodbye to capsule machines and hello to our capsule-free capsule machine - focusing on convenience and sustainability. We are looking for a highly creative marketing ace / all-rounder (because of start-up). - crafting brand strategy - driving marketing - preparing funding rounds - building brand awareness - analysing market metrics - website design - social media - creating compelling content

- You are responsible for the technical development and implementation of the knowledge management solution - You are an equal partner as co-founder and the associated tasks

Your initial tasks will be: • Develop a prototype/POC • Develop and refine a robust, scalable product architecture • Co-create a product roadmap

- Innovate & Implement: Design and develop critical software components of our AI solutions. You’ll collaborate closely with co-founders to tailor our products to the needs of our clients, ensuring they are scalable, reliable, and secure. - Leadership & Guidance: Play a pivotal role in the technical direction of our project. Your expertise in AI development will be instrumental in mentoring team members and shaping our innovation-driven culture. - Enjoy the Journey: Working on this project isn’t just about the grind; it’s about having fun and being part of an inspiring endeavor with vast potential.

Aufgabenbereiche: - Gestaltung und Mitwirkung an der Produktentwicklung in der Anfangsphase - Kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung des Produkts - Gestaltung der Architektur und technologischen Infrastruktur - Führung des technischen Teams durch Förderung einer Kultur von Exzellenz und Zusammenarbeit, sowie Mentoring und Talententwicklung - Immer auf dem neuesten Stand der sich entwickelnden Trends in KI bleiben - Vertretung und Förderung unserer Technologie in der breiteren KI-Community

Your tasks will include - Setting up the research and development department including an in-house workshop - Active involvement in shaping our corporate development and strategic product portfolio - Product development as well as production, testing, installation, and maintenance of pilot plants - Establishment, support and implementation of development and production partnerships - Providing technical support and advice to pilot customers

Initial Phase: Building the MVP Technical Foundation: Establish the core technology stack suitable for scalable, personalized educational solutions. Focus on AI and machine learning frameworks that support adaptive learning paths. Product Development: Lead the design and development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), ensuring it embodies the vision for personalized education and coaching. This includes setting up backend systems, database designs, and user interface prototypes. Team Building and Leadership: Assemble and manage a tech team capable of delivering high-quality software development. Cultivate a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. Stakeholder Engagement: Work closely with co-founders and other stakeholders to align the technology development with business goals, user needs, and market demands. Mid-Term: Scaling and Enhancing the Platform Platform Scaling: Oversee the scaling of the platform to support a growing user base, implementing robust, scalable infrastructure and optimizing performance. Feature Expansion: Direct the continuous development and integration of new features and functionalities based on user feedback and emerging educational trends. Data Privacy and Security: Ensure the highest standards of data protection and privacy are maintained, implementing secure coding practices and compliance with relevant regulations. Innovation and Research: Foster an environment of continuous innovation, exploring new technologies and methodologies to enhance personalized learning experiences. Long-Term: Strategic Growth and Diversification Strategic Planning: Lead the technological strategic planning, envisioning long-term product evolution, and identifying opportunities for growth and expansion. Partnerships and Collaborations: Explore and establish partnerships with educational institutions, technology providers, and other relevant organizations to enhance platform offerings and reach. International Expansion: Guide the technology strategy for international market entry, adapting the platform to meet the needs of diverse educational systems and cultural contexts. Sustainability and Impact: Drive initiatives that ensure the platform not only scales but does so in a way that positively impacts society, contributing to educational equity and accessibility.

Key Responsibilities: - Own the Technical Strategy: Take charge of the technical direction of the Startup, driving the development and execution of the overall technical roadmap. - Team Building: Build and lead a talented and motivated technical team, fostering collaboration and innovation. - Innovative GenAI Techniques: Spearhead the development of pioneering GenAI techniques for personalized chronic disease intervention. - Technical Asset Development: Create unique and valuable technical assets by leveraging proprietary medical data and models. - GenAI Thought Leadership: We are seeking a thinker in GenAI with a demonstrated ability to generate original ideas and applications. This individual should have a passion for developing and implementing their own unique concepts in the realm of GenAI applied to digital health. The ideal candidate is someone eager to contribute fresh perspectives, stay ahead of industry trends, and actively guide the startup in exploring new frontiers within the evolving landscape of GenAI in healthcare.

building a company with a meaningful impact

building a company with a meaningful impact

building a company with a meaningful impact

Proofcheck, the enterprise AI proofing platform, is redefining modern content quality assurance operations. Our LLM powered workflow solution is the ultimate QA co-pilot for professionals who need to collaboratively proofread high-stakes longform reports, white papers, books, and ebooks. We take a 360 degree holistic approach to proofing documents that includes not only linguistic error detection, but also logical, aesthetic and design checking spanning multiple file formats. Supporting our journey is an all-star group of venture capitalists and business angels who made early investments in Google and Dropbox and founded companies including xAI. With a decade of expertise in content operations at leading media brands, our team, guided by a visionary female co-founder, is passionately dedicated to promoting diversity in tech. We thrive on fostering innovation through collaboration in a warm atmosphere that encourages continuous learning opportunities. As an early member of our team, you'll play a pivotal leadership role in paving our technical journey. We’re looking for a talented fullstack builder, visionary, and innovator who has a demonstrated passion for all things NLP and Document AI to join us in Vienna!

Engineering. R&D. High Performance results are wanted. AI can solve the problem: Build a small ultra high performance 3D Scanner and component of an Operating System (Future of Shopping Center) with focus on reduction of the return problem eCommerce (fashion, footwear, clothing). This kind of 3D Scanner does not exist and solve an issue.

++ Offering comprehensive advisory support to the team, covering AI-related technology, strategy, and policy matters ++ Involvement in functional design, process design, prototyping, testing, and training initiatives ++ Meticulously documenting solutions architecture, while sharing valuable lessons learned ++ Conducting assessments of the AI and automation market, providing insights into the competitive landscape"
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