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* Fine-tuning LLMs for specific use cases to improve our product * Defining our roadmap, e.g. with regards to data collection, MLOps * Staying up to date with the quickly evolving field * Going forward, building and leading our AI team

Software-Architektur und Veröffentlichung der Beta-Version unserer App Technische Betreuung des ersten Testzyklus der Beta-Version Ansprechpartner:in in technischen Fragestellungen

teamwork. problem solving. patience. challenges in contacting business owners.

As technical Co-Founder develop the heart of MySympto. Provide strategic direction regarding our product development. Explore new deep learning techniques and technologies to improve model performance.

What You Can Expect: Dynamic Role: You'll be involved in a wide range of activities, from strategic planning to hands-on development, ensuring no two days are the same. Strategic Leadership: Defining the company's technological direction and vision, making high-level design and infrastructure decisions. Product Development Oversight: Leading the development of our AI chatbot platform, from ideation to launch and beyond. Team Management: Eventually Building and guiding a talented team of engineers and developers to foster innovation and excellence in execution.

The next goals are to create a prototype and a first round of seed investment. For this we need a machine learning specialist. Ideally you have experience in deep learning in python etc. and a strong mathematical background. As a cofounder you would define your role yourself, depending on your strength. We would have to find out whether the team is a fit, since we will be spending a lot of time together starting a business. Startup means committing oneself for 4-5 years. And business angels expect 120% commitment.

Business Development: Deciding with the team what to do and how to do it. Software Development: Oversee and lead software development teams to ensure the seamless functionality of tracking devices and the app. Data Analysis and AI: Utilize your proficiency in data analysis and AI to extract insights from health data, enabling the creation of individualized menstural cycle profiles. Device Integration: Manage the integration of hardware and software, working on the development of tracking devices and their seamless integration into the app. Cybersecurity: Uphold the highest standards of cybersecurity and data privacy, adhering to healthcare regulations. + building our tech-team of course :)

Core Responsibilities: 1. Technical Leadership: Shape the company’s technological architecture and strategy in alignment with business goals. 2. Team Management: Build, lead, and mentor a high-performing technology team to meet project timelines and quality standards. 3. Product Development: Oversee the development, testing, and launch of new products and features. 4. Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate closely with other C-suite executives to drive company strategy and meet business objectives. Decision-Making: 1. Technological Choices: Decide on programming languages, frameworks, and tools that are to be used. 2. Project Prioritization: Work with cross-functional teams to prioritize projects based on company needs and resource availability. Strategic Involvement: 1. Roadmap Planning: Play an integral role in strategic planning, setting the tech direction for the company’s short-term and long-term objectives. 2. Investor Relations: Participate in meetings with investors and board members, providing technology performance updates and vision. Skill Development Opportunities: 1. Continuous Learning: Exposure to cutting-edge technologies and trends, especially around Blockchain and Web3.0. 2. Industry Networking: Opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, and other industry-related events. Work-Life Balance: 1. Flexible Work Arrangements: Option for remote work or flexible hours based on project requirements. 2. Well-being Initiatives: Access to wellness programs and team-building activities. Multiple Perspectives: 1. Equity Stake: as Co-Founder you will receive Security Tokens 2. Career Advancement

Als Backend-Entwickler:in baust du mit uns die Grundlage für einen multimodalen Routenplaner. Du triffst Entscheidungen über die Art und Weise der technischen Umsetzung und konzeptionierst eine Infrastruktur für das Backend. Als Mitgründer:in beteiligst du dich an wegweisenden Entscheidungen für die Zukunft des Unternehmens.

The next goals are to create a prototype and a first round of seed investment. We need a business developer to help build up the business side, securing investment, representing the startup toward different entities, working out marketing and sales strategies, organizing trade fairs, starting with sales, until we get enough invest to hire employees. As a cofounder you would define your role yourself, depending on your strength. We would have to find out whether the team is a fit, since we will be spending a lot of time together starting a business. Startup means committing oneself for 4-5 years. And business angels expect 120% commitment.

Spectrum of tasks: -Aktives Engagement im Startup-Geschehen, als integraler Bestandteil unseres Teams. -Eigenständiges und verantwortungsbewusstes Arbeiten in einem Bereich, in dem unsere Expertise begrenzt ist. -Du gestaltest und verfolgst Ziele, die uns helfen, unsere übergeordneten Ziele gemeinsam zu erreichen.

Gründen erfordert jede Menge Flexibilität - du solltest dich also mit unserer Vision identifizieren und neben fachlichem Know-How vor allem Motivation und Kreativität mitbringen :)

From scratch to program. We have the idea as well as the infrastructure, you have to program the app either alone or with a team of developers. Databases Coding Automations

- Implementieren von neuen Backend- und Frontend Features - Arbeiten an der Daten- und Backendstruktur der Web-App - Migration unserer Software in die Cloud - Leitung des Entwicklerteams - Du arbeitest eng mit dem Product Owner an der Weiterentwicklung der Web-App - Du schreibst automatisierte Tests und machst Code-Reviews für eine qualitativ hochwertige Codebasis Mittelfristig: - arbeiten an neuen Modulen und Funktionen wie Data Mining und Machine Learning

 Fokus liegt auf iOS & Google Play Mobile App Development  Implementierung von AI/ Machine Learning Frameworks ist langfristig gefragt  Ggfls. Entwicklung von Spracherkennungs- und Sprachverständnisfunktionen (Verarbeitung von natürlicher Sprache)  Ggfls. Entwicklung eines Gesichtserkennungsalgorithmus
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