Team founderio

We bring together startups and established companies and help to develop the crucial innovations of tomorrow.



Kai Lindemann

is a co-founder and the CMO of founderio responsible for PR, marketing and strategic product development. He has several years of professional experience as an information architect, operates a web agency and as a trained scientist uses his analytical skills to further develop the platform. Kai loves the written word, is a dedicated team player and a passionate entrepreneur.


When our team started in mid-2013 with our previous platform mitgrü, we were three students in Berlin with the vision of digitally connecting entrepreneurial minds and ideas to make more business ideas become reality, especially by bringing together strong teams for strong ideas. Our own experience had shown us how difficult it is to find suitable companions for our own start-up projects and that the right team and the consistent execution are the decisive criteria for the success of a young entrepreneurial startup.

Sine then, it has become the most successful German platform for the co-founder search and is used by over 5000 users. Many teams have connected through our platform and founded startups, are these are now facing new challenges. We also wanted to help these entrepreneurs in the future to overcome obstacles on the way to a successful business and have therefore founded founderio as a logical development of mitgrü

Set up as a startup on our own, we understand very well the challenges young companies face on the road to success and provide you with the essence of hundreds of user feedback, direct talks with established companies and recommendations from successful startups. Now we also help start-up teams to connect with business partners for cooperation.

One evening our CTO Alex made a point,that is in our opinion the core of entrepreneurship: "With cooperation and innovation to success". We stick to it!