• Founded 2015
  • Industry Co-Founder Platform, Startup Recruiting, Technology, Innovation
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What is founderio?

Founderio is a digital Networking Platform for Founders & Startups. Here Entrepreneurs and Startup Projects find the contacts and the support they need to successfully bring their business idea to life.

Our Mission

We believe in Entrepreneurs, their entrepreneurial motivation and the will to move our society forward through innovation in the 21st century. That's why we connect entrepreneurial people, co-founders, investors and startup supporters worldwide. We create transparency in the startup ecosystem, bring together the right people for the implementation of exciting business ideas and thus contribute to more startup ideas becoming reality and the crucial innovations of tomorrow emerging faster.

What we do

Whether matching co-founders, employees, investors, mentors or support from business, politics, universities and organizations: as the "LinkedIn for Founders" we provide transparency, visibility and networking in the startup ecosystem worldwide.

With many thousands of members a strong entrepreneurial community has developed, supporting each other from mentoring to financing, from finding service providers to building teams and to founding successful startups.