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45 Startup-Jobs found

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The main focus of your range of tasks is of course the ML/AI department in the startup. More detailed tasks and requirements can be discussed during an initial online call. Together with the CTO, you will form the technical head of the company.

- Experiment with linear models and nural nets in order to predict price movements - Implementing the models into trading strategies - Calculate new trading indicators as features (based on feedback and discussion with CEO) - Making changes to the existing prototype of the bot

- You are responsible for the technical development and implementation of the knowledge management solution - You are an equal partner as co-founder and the associated tasks

Your initial tasks will be: • Develop a prototype/POC • Develop and refine a robust, scalable product architecture • Co-create a product roadmap

Building a product from the scratch to overcome current challenges in the field. Working together with various stakeholders to accelerate product-market-fit and go-to-market.

- Erstellung von Scripten und Workflows zur Extraktion, Aufbereitung und Integration von Daten aus verschiedenen Quellen. - Identifikation von Trends und Mustern durch fortgeschrittene statistische Analysen. - Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen Abteilungen, um die Bedürfnisse der Geschäftseinheiten zu verstehen und datenbasierte Lösungen anzubieten. - Kontinuierliche Evaluierung und Verbesserung von bestehenden Modellen und Analysen. Arbeiten mit modernen Datenplattformen, wie ReTool.

Du kannst das Projekt von Anfang an mit umsetzen und die voll einbringen und mitgestalten.

- Die Basis der KI zu beschreiben und zu entwickeln/betreiben - Ein Technologieteam aufzubauen und zu leiten (falls die CTO Rolle übernommen werden sollte) - An der strategischen Ausrichtung des Produkts und des Unternehmen mit zu arbeiten - Verantwortung für die Skalierbarkeit, Betreibbarkeit und den betriebswirtschaftlichen Erfolg der Technologie zu übernehmen

* Fine-tuning LLMs for specific use cases to improve our product * Defining our roadmap, e.g. with regards to data collection, MLOps * Staying up to date with the quickly evolving field * Going forward, building and leading our AI team

We are a highly motivated team of one data scientist/AI expert and 2 web developers building an exciting new mortgage solution. Usage of edge technologies like data science and AI. The team has multiple years of working experience for large corporates and start-ups.

You get a chance to contribute early on the core of our product development by implementing AI-based features and supporting overall app development. Core responsibilities: - Leveraging state-of-the-art AI methods and solutions available on the market (like RAG, agents, finetuning, embedding) as well as creation of new AI models to support AI-powered feature development (e.g. chat or digital try-on functionality) - Co-development of the backend or frontend (depending on your preferences) - Deriving requirements for new data and AI from customer feedback and our product roadmap - Extending and refining the data as well as data quality management

Please note that the startup already exists and was founded in 2020. After a stop due to other full-time work commitments, I would like to take care of this business idea already recognized by industry leaders. The desired capability is to develop the technological side of the solution from scratch. Together we will work on: Market validation Building an MVP Work on the pitch deck Present the business idea to interested parties (partners, investors, advisors, etc.)

You will have to gather data, clean and organize. Then you should develop sophisticated functions in order to get interesting insights from it. Later you may build a team of developers as well.
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