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- Lead the software development team (senior roles). - Design and maintain our muscle health app and web applications. - Ensure code quality and implement best practices in software engineering. - Drive the integration of new technologies and methodologies. - Collaborate across teams to ensure alignment with business strategies. - Write AI to control and read out muscle signals - Collaboration: Work alongside experts in neurology and prominent figures in sports.

- Joint refinement of product vision - Joint translation of user requirements into EPICs & user stories - Joint refinement of customer journey and translation into product design - Build-up of platform solution architecture - Developer management - If not yet existent: Upskilling in natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, artificial neural networks & prompt engineering as needed for the use cases

Ideen und Anforderungen an die Software einbringen. Anwendungen aufzeigen. Vetriebsmöglichkeiten erurieren. Mit möglichen Kunden zusammenarbeiten

Craft and execute the technical strategy to align with the startup’s goals. Lead the development of our app from conception to launch. Ensure robustness, security, and scalability of our solutions. Collaborate closely with me to integrate technology and business strategies.

Position Summary We are looking for a passionate Computer Vision and AI engineer who loves solving everyday vision problems. Someone who is regularly saying to themselves “This could be done with computer vision!” and who loves experimenting with new algorithms. You’ll work on a small dynamic team to design and implement cutting edge Computer Vision algorithms that will be used everyday by our customers. Position Summary We’re looking for a full-stack developer to help us build the software that runs our technology and powers the extensive infrastructure behind them. In addition to building more traditional web stacks, you’ll work on code that interfaces with our hardware and visual components, making sure technologies are extra reliable and the user experience amazing. This is not a specialized position - we believe in end-to-end ownership of projects, so you’ll be involved throughout the entire product lifecycle, from idea generation, design, and prototyping to execution, and shipping while contributing to many different parts of the codebase in multiple languages. You Will Be Developing new computer vision algorithms with founders in C/C++ and Python for solving challenging real-world problems Coming up with large scale data collection techniques for training Deep Neural Nets Driving the development of new algorithms that dramatically improve our existing methods Researching and maintaining state-of-the-art ML/CV algorithms that can analyze images Coding full-stack building products from end to end You Will Be Owning major feature development and working directly with the founders on product development from end to end Working with a small interdisciplinary team in hardware, software and design to build new versions of products from scratch Work full stack on building new features and dreaming up new architecture to solve challenging problems Rethinking and recreating existing codebases for scale Continuously improving and maintaining code that’s already in production

Possible tasks: - Integrating a Boca wristband printer into the existing software ecosystem of our Selfcheckout terminal (you just need to take care of the software part!) - Integrating a Posiflex barcode scanner into the existing software ecosystem of our Selfcheckout terminal (again just the software part!) - Integrating a TSC wristband printer with a Raspberry Pi which should poll data from a printer queue in the cloud via an API and print data if there is data - You 're going to lead the product vision longterm

What you'll do: •Manage and grow a world-class team of mechanical engineers, cleantech engineers, electrical engineers, AI engineers, robotics engineers, software engineers that deliver on key objectives toward advancing Amodite’s cell product development efforts •Lead the product development process and mechanical design of multiple generations of Amodite’s battery cell; develop processes for managing parallel development efforts on multiple product versions simultaneously •Drive design negotiations across our engineering and manufacturing teams to achieve product designs that meet cost, manufacturability, reliability, and performance requirements •Provide thought leadership in and drive execution of new mechanical design and prototyping campaigns for components and assemblies •Collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of battery, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers to execute product architecture trades •Identify and mitigate potential risks related to mechanical design and program schedule taking proactive steps to prevent issues; provide regular risk reporting updates to senior leadership What you'll bring: •Bachelor’s or advanced degree (MS or PhD) in Mechanical Engineering, or a related field •Minimum of 10 years of experience in mechanical engineering, cleantech engineering with at least 5 years in a technical leadership role •Prior leadership and management experience is required, demonstrating a clear record of success in building industry-leading teams that can execute in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. •Proven track record of successful hardware product development in the energy storage, renewable energy, solar, wind, heating, or related industries •Well-developed experience leading teams to develop hardware products from concept phase to product launch •Must bring experience in design of components and assemblies for high volume manufacturing •Ability to travel approximately 10% of the time. Humanity is a cornerstone of Amodite’s culture, and we make sure our compensation and benefits reflect that. Amodite offers competitive salaries, stock options, and a holistic benefits package to ensure all employees have what they need to thrive while working here. When it comes to your health, we cover 100% of medical, dental, and vision premiums for full-time employees - and 80% of healthcare premiums for dependents. This starts from day one. We also offer at least 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents, and generous vacation policies to give employees time to recharge when needed. To build a clean and equitable energy future, we need everyone at the table. We strive to form a team as diverse as the communities we will serve with our technology, and are committed to maintaining an inclusive environment for all employees. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply to our open jobs. Location Vienna Type Full time Department Engineering – Battery Module Engineering Compensation EUR 80000-120000. The range listed is what we reasonably expect to pay for this role at the time of this posting. We may ultimately pay more or less than the posted range and may be modified in the future. Actual compensation packages are based on several factors that are unique to each candidate, including but not limited to skill set, depth of experience, certifications, and specific work location. This may be different in other locations due to differences in the cost of labor.

Key Responsibilities: -Lead the engineering team to develop, deploy, and scale our technology platform. -Oversee the architecture and implementation of the platform to ensure it meets business goals and user needs. -Drive technological innovation and strategy in line with the company’s objectives. -Ensure the technology stack is scalable and secure, maintaining high availability and minimal downtime. -Collaborate with the product development and marketing teams to align technology with customer-facing projects.

Challenges Awaiting the Candidate: 1. Technical Scaling: - Design a scalable platform architecture capable of handling rapid growth and high trading volumes. 2. Regulatory Compliance: - Navigate the evolving regulatory landscape in the crypto industry and implement compliant solutions. 3. Security and Data Protection: - Develop and maintain robust security measures to protect against cyber threats and ensure data privacy. 4. Market Volatility Management: - Build algorithms that can adapt to highly volatile crypto markets and minimize trading risks. 5. Customizable Trading Bots: - Create an intuitive, customizable bot system that caters to traders of varying skill levels. 6. Team Building and Leadership: - Recruit, mentor, and lead a high-performing engineering team in a competitive job market. 7. Product Innovation: - Stay ahead of emerging trends in blockchain, AI, and data analytics to continuously innovate Flaskoin's platform. 8. Time-to-Market Pressure: - Deliver a proof-of-concept (PoC) and subsequent product iterations within tight deadlines. 9. Global Expansion: - Adapt Flaskoin's platform for different markets and support multiple languages and currencies. 10. Funding and Partnerships: - Collaborate with the founding team to secure funding and establish strategic partnerships for growth.

You'll own and lead the tech side of MindHeal®, turning the vision into a tech reality. You'll be responsible for the software architecture, programming, testings and handle all tech-related aspects of our market-place and content platform (managing the tech budget, infrastructure, ensuring tech quality, overseeing/ monitoring data management etc.). Your most important task: design & engineer a strong, scalable, flexible tech and data setup & architecture that builds the foundation for our longterm technical & business success. Tasks: 📍 • Design, develop and implement the technical vision, strategy & execution of the platform in alignment to the business strategy • Plan, monitor & iterate the Alpha & Beta testings • Manage and monitor the tech infrastructure, budgets, and resources, translating data-analytics & business strategies into concrete actions & measures • Budget, recruit & lead your future tech & engineering team • Communicate tech strategy and progress to share- and stakeholders/ Be involved in upcoming fundraising processes Personal requirements: You are ready to weather through thick and thin in a duo-team, eventually navigating difficult and controversial times. Due to the nature of the business field and business model, we might encounter some challenges along the way with regulators, competitors or investors. Get ready to challenge the status-quo and truly drive impact. You will work close to someone who is very committed to the purpose & mission – and who is already all in. 🚀 A connection to the topic of mental health is nice to have – but not a must. I have your back on that! The most important part is your talent & passion for tech, resilience for an entrepreneurial journey and motivation to build something with a positive effect & relevance in this world.

We are seeking an individual with a strong background in both AI and quantum computing, ideally with experience in the field of drug discovery. The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications: Expertise in AI-based quantum computing technology: Proficiency in leveraging quantum computing principles for AI applications, particularly in the realm of drug discovery. Deep understanding of drug discovery processes: Familiarity with the challenges and complexities involved in identifying undruggable targets, especially in areas such as oncology, autoimmune diseases, and ophthalmology. Technical proficiency: Ability to work with deep large language models and quantum computing frameworks to develop and optimize algorithms for drug discovery. Innovation mindset: A creative thinker with a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology to solve real-world problems in healthcare. Collaboration and communication skills: Capacity to effectively communicate complex concepts and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams including scientists, engineers, and business stakeholders. Entrepreneurial spirit: Willingness to contribute to the development and growth of a startup venture, including participating in strategic discussions, pitching ideas, and adapting to evolving project requirements.

Main Activities: 1. Develop the Sport X platform, including front-end and back-end components, for seamless user experience on web and mobile. 2. Architect and manage databases for storing user profiles, class schedules, trainer info, bookings, and reviews securely. 3. Integrate third-party services like payment processing and location services to enhance platform functionality. 4. Implement robust user authentication and security measures to protect user data and ensure secure access. 5. Optimize platform performance by identifying and addressing bottlenecks and implementing caching strategies. 6. Conduct thorough testing to ensure platform quality and reliability across different environments. 7. Stay updated on industry trends and user feedback to continuously improve the platform. 8. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand requirements and deliver high-quality solutions.

Join the company's long-term technology vision and strategy and be part of a unique Brand. Develop a roadmap for the implementation of new features, products, and technical enhancements to improve user experience and drive growth. Provide leadership, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Front-end and back-end development: Lead the development of our web-based software, focusing on both front-end and back-end aspects. Data Collection and LLM tuning: fine-tune and/or prompt-engineering of Large Language Models (LLMs) to produce high quality audio guides. Model Maintenance and Improvement: Maintain existing models and develop a pipeline to enhance them using customer data. Tech-Product and Team Management: Plan the technical product roadmap and eventually hire engineering staff and manage the engineering team Product Strategy: Keep updated with the latest technology and AI trends to contribute to the product strategy. Startup Representation: Promote the company's vision and achievements to stakeholders and in the media.

Deine Aufgaben 🧑🏽‍💻 Du schreibst sauberen, hochwertigen, leistungsstarken und wartbaren Code 🚢 Du unterstützt beim Testen und Einführen neuer Funktionalitaeten 👥 Du teilst dein Wissen im gesamten Team bei Dailies, im Pair Programming oder bei Code-Reviews und bist dabei ein Vorbild für hohe Code-Qualität. Du bist hilfsbereit und unterstützt, wo du gebraucht wirst. 🪨 Du baust robuste Schnittstellen zu diversen externen Systemen auf. 🎯 Gemeinsam mit Deinem Team strukturierst, diskutierst, und schätzt Du die Aufwände der technischen Realisierung unserer fachlichen Anforderungen. 🎮 Du evaluierst Frameworks, Libraries und Tools auf Basis deiner Erfahrungen, baust PoC’s und optimierst so bestehende Lösungen und Prozesse. 💡 “Everything that can be automated will be automated” - du bringst neue Ideen ein um den Entwicklungsprozess zu verbessern und eine hohe developer convenience sicherzustellen.
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