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208 Startup-Jobs found

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Du wirst Mitgründer einer UG oder GmbH und hast die Verantwortung für alle Entwicklungsthemen inne. Gestalte mit mir gemeinsam die Zukunft.

Programme Description: The Executive Assistant Programme at Gastimate Technologies offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the strategic development of a start-up and to work directly with the founders. In this programme, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in different areas of the company, from product development, marketing and sales to finance and strategy. The aim of the programme is to give you a comprehensive understanding of the leadership and management of a start-up and to prepare you for future management positions within the company. Your tasks: Supporting the founders in operational and strategic matters. Collaboration on projects in various areas of the company to gain a holistic overview. Creation and preparation of decision papers, analyses and presentations. Organising and coordinating internal and external appointments, meetings and events as well as accompanying customers, investors and partners. Contributing to the development and implementation of process improvements.

- You review and analyze the construction plans of infrastructure using italian and european engineering standards. - You perform structural analysis and design of complex structures using professional software and FEA (Finite-Elemente-Analysis). - During everyday-work you collaborate closely with their software team to integrate structural models into their cloud platform. - You are responsible for preparing design reports and documentation in english and italian language. - You are also responsible for monitoring, maintaining and updating structural health analysis of infrastructure.

Als CTO werden Sie die technologische Richtung unseres Startups maßgeblich mitgestalten und die Entwicklung des Produktportfolios leiten. Ihre Aufgaben umfassen die Einführung neuer Technologien und Programmiersprachen, die Gewährleistung einer schnellen und effizienten Einarbeitung in diese und die Erstellung und Implementierung robuster Softwarelösungen. Sie werden eng mit dem Gründerteam zusammenarbeiten und einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Schaffung einer agilen und innovationsgetriebenen Unternehmenskultur leisten.

building a company with a meaningful impact

building a company with a meaningful impact

building a company with a meaningful impact

The CTO will be required to: Establish an open-access archive, becoming a go-to resource for educational institutions, events, resources, and announcements; Craft a comprehensive wireframe for the minimum viable product within the next three months; Steer product development to unveil an operational website featuring initial functionalities within the next 6 to 12 months; Spearhead the development of revolutionary back end, front end, and mobile innovations; Incorporate standout features inspired by leading websites in the industry (chat, posts, comments, reactions, profiles, calendars, shared and private, resource archives, etc.); Provide visionary leadership in directing the evolution of UX and UI designs; Work efficiently to meet fast-paced deadlines and fast growth, to prioritize responsibilities, and to incorporate feedback; Translate complex technical developments into clear, digestible updates for executives and employees; Recruit, train, and supervise several technical departments and drive projects to success; Work towards fostering a healthy and enduring working relationship with the other founders; Facilitate a culture of enthusiasm, passion, open communication, and collaborative problem-solving; Exhibit natural leadership qualities that inspire and motivate; Actively balance social benefit considerations with shareholder interests.

You will lead the hardware product development. We’re looking for someone to join us as a co-founder in Munich, Germany, and who can drive the development of our medical device hardware. You should have a keen interest in Electrical Engineering with a focus on power engineering, and hands-on experience going from early prototypes to production-ready devices.

Proofcheck, the enterprise AI proofing platform, is redefining modern content quality assurance operations. Our LLM powered workflow solution is the ultimate QA co-pilot for professionals who need to collaboratively proofread high-stakes longform reports, white papers, books, and ebooks. We take a 360 degree holistic approach to proofing documents that includes not only linguistic error detection, but also logical, aesthetic and design checking spanning multiple file formats. Supporting our journey is an all-star group of venture capitalists and business angels who made early investments in Google and Dropbox and founded companies including xAI. With a decade of expertise in content operations at leading media brands, our team, guided by a visionary female co-founder, is passionately dedicated to promoting diversity in tech. We thrive on fostering innovation through collaboration in a warm atmosphere that encourages continuous learning opportunities. As an early member of our team, you'll play a pivotal leadership role in paving our technical journey. We’re looking for a talented fullstack builder, visionary, and innovator who has a demonstrated passion for all things NLP and Document AI to join us in Vienna!

CAD-Modelling Creating vision together Making feedback-based decisions Collaborative ideation

Engineering. R&D. High Performance results are wanted. AI can solve the problem: Build a small ultra high performance 3D Scanner and component of an Operating System (Future of Shopping Center) with focus on reduction of the return problem eCommerce (fashion, footwear, clothing). This kind of 3D Scanner does not exist and solve an issue.

Engineering. We have clear product goals in mind and your focus of version 1: achievement of large scale low cost results. Engineering, research and development.

Als Mitgründer:in und zukünftige:r CTO/CPO von BHEAT wirst du die Produktentwicklung und Herstellung unserer innovativen Technologien leiten. Du wirst nicht nur an der technischen Umsetzung beteiligt sein, sondern auch strategische Entscheidungen für das Unternehmen mitgestalten. Deine Verantwortungsbereiche (Detais können wir gerne gemeinsam diskutieren): - Produktumsetzung: Du baust den MVP. Danach arbeitest du an iterativen Verbesserungen unseres Produkts bis zur Marktreife und stellst sicher, dass es den Bedürfnissen der Nutzer und den Anforderungen des Marktes entspricht. - Technische Infrastruktur: Aufbau und Verwaltung einer skalierbaren und sicheren technischen Grundlage, Auswahl kosteneffizienter Tools und Dienste, die ein Wachstum ermöglichen. - Innovation und Forschung: Bleib auf dem neuesten Stand der Klimatechnik, indem du innovative Lösungen und Forschungsergebnisse direkt in unsere Produktentwicklung einfließen lässt. - Partnerschaftsentwicklung: Bilde pragmatische Partnerschaften mit technischen Anbietern (und Forschungseinrichtungen), um unsere technologischen Fähigkeiten zu verbessern. - Sicherheit und Compliance: Priorisiere die Produktsicherheit von Anfang an und stelle sicher, dass alle technologischen Praktiken mit den einschlägigen Gesetzen und Normen übereinstimmen.

++ Offering comprehensive advisory support to the team, covering AI-related technology, strategy, and policy matters ++ Involvement in functional design, process design, prototyping, testing, and training initiatives ++ Meticulously documenting solutions architecture, while sharing valuable lessons learned ++ Conducting assessments of the AI and automation market, providing insights into the competitive landscape"
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