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140 Startup-Jobs found

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You will: • Actively participate in building and co-managing a company • Develop ML driven web applications with modern frameworks • Optimize user experience • Participate in back-end development and making fundamental architectural decisions

● Design, develop and implement the recommendation systems for our platform ● Utilize machine learning techniques to analyze and process data to improve recommendations ● Continuously test and evaluate the performance of the recommendation engine ● Collaborate with the product and data teams to understand and incorporate user feedback ● Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in recommendation systems and machine learning

• Actively participate in building and co-managing a company • Become part of the team, solving fundamental NLP challenges • Develop ML driven applications • Participate in back-end development and making fundamental architectural decisions

You’ll attract, inspire and grow a world-class engineering team. Stay up-to-date with new technologies and industry trends. You'll be building our product, team, and culture from the ground up. You’ll get hands-on with building our first prototypes. You’ll define and build scalable technology foundations to power our product as we scale, leading and delivering on our technical product roadmap.

You are part of a young, dynamic and highly motivated team and work on the further development of our SaaS application. You will be responsible for developing new features and optimizing our platform. Not only that, but you are also helping to design and maintain a clean solution architecture. You will be strongly involved in the strategic processes right from the start and will have a lot of freedom in the implementation.

I've built two works-like prototypes using PHP and NodeJs, but know I'm unable to continue building the product the way it needs to be to develop traction in the market. For the next phase, I believe we need a React Native or Flutter App that we can launch on multiple platforms. Although, Before we do, we'd likely just launch on one platform first. I'm a huge fan of Web Apps, and I believe that might be the best place to start, but see iOS as a future market to get into.

Developing the company’s strategy for using technological resources Ensuring technologies are used efficiently, profitably, and securely Evaluating and implementing new technologies, systems, and infrastructure Communicating technology strategy to partners and investors

- CAD Entwicklung: Blechkonstruktionen, Gussteile, 3D-Druck, Fräs- und Drehteile - Prototypenbau: FDM 3D Druck in unserer eigenen Printer-Farm, Montage in unserer sehr gut ausgestatteten Werkstatt - Tests: Wir testen sowohl Inhouse als auch in Testlaboren: Testfahrten, Zyklenfestigkeit, Klimatests, EMV-Tests, Wärmebildkamera, Oszilloskop - Technischer Einkauf: geeignete Komponenten recherchieren, Anforderungen mit Lieferanten erarbeiten - Produktion: Unterstützung der Produktion durch deine technische Expertise sowie Qualitätsmanagement

Technischer Lead des Produkts übernehmen. Definieren der Technologie für die Startphase. Roadmap gemeinsam erarbeiten. Begleiten und Qualität sichern von Software-Engineers (Nearshoring). Freude und Spass mit dem Team teilen :)

- help to build an ML/DL-equipped computation pipeline and data bank as part of the prototype - build and Lead team(s) to develop and implement algorithms, codes, tools, data banks and required technologies - lead and sustain the Development, implementation, maintenance and optimization of the computation pipeline i.e. concepts, tools, methods, data banks, Algorithms and required technologies

Hardwareentwicklung/Embedded Entwicklung für: - Optimierung und Weiterentwicklung des bestehenden Produktes GraviPlant, v.a Entwicklung einer Steuerungsplatine inkl. Sensor- und Aktorintegration - Neuentwicklung der Steuerungstechnik für weitere Green-Tech Produkte

YOUR TASKS: Agile prototyping and testing of sensor solutions Development and improvement of the firmware and hardware of our products Development documentation and quality assurance Integrated microcontroller development Analyzing and enhancing efficiency, stability and scalability of system resources You will work closely together with our hardware and science team

- Setup a mid-term Engineering strategy - collaborate with sales We believe in a culture where people matters most - therefore we need empathetic and fun at work!

- Optimierung und Weiterentwicklung des bestehenden Produktes GraviPlant, v.a. Optimierung der Steuerungsplatine inkl. Sensor- und Aktorintegration- Neuentwicklung der Steuerungstechnik für weitere Green-Tech Produkte
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