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249 Startup-Jobs found

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- Du bist für die Umsetzung unserer ambitionierten Wachstumsstragie verantwortlich. - Du identifizierst potenzielle Kunden und Partner, betreibst die Akquise und bringst Deine eigenen Vorschläge mit ein. - Du koordinierst das Onboarding in Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Team. Dabei evaluierst Du die Performance der implementierten Lösungen und Partner, identifizierst Optimierungspotenziale und treibst kontinuierliche Verbesserungen voran. - Du stehst im aktiven Austausch mit unseren Partnern und potenziellen Kunden, um wertvolles Feedback zu unserer Software und unserem Vermittlungsportal zu erhalten. Dabei analysierst und interpretierst Du Kundenbedürfnisse, erkennst Trends, Marktanforderungen und Potenziale. Gemeinsam mit unserem Team findest Du Wege, weitere KI-Technologien sowohl in unsere Geschäftsprozesse als auch in unsere Produkte (Software & Vermittlungsportal) zu integrieren. Du identifizierst geeignete Einsatzfelder für KI, testest Tools und unterstützt bei der reibungslosen Implementierung.

1. Develop compelling pitch decks and presentations that effectively communicate the company's value proposition. 2. Showcase the business in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner to potential clients and investors. 3. Conduct thorough market analysis to identify trends, competition, and potential areas for expansion. 4. Utilize data-driven insights to inform decision-making and strategic planning. 5. Proactively seek and identify new business opportunities, markets, and partnerships. Develop and execute strategies to drive business growth and revenue. 6. Structure and finalize agreements that align with the company's objectives.

Providing valuable knowledge for: - finance/investments - business development - marketing - product development

Business Development: Deciding with the team what to do and how to do it. Software Development: Oversee and lead software development teams to ensure the seamless functionality of tracking devices and the app. Data Analysis and AI: Utilize your proficiency in data analysis and AI to extract insights from health data, enabling the creation of individualized menstural cycle profiles. Device Integration: Manage the integration of hardware and software, working on the development of tracking devices and their seamless integration into the app. Cybersecurity: Uphold the highest standards of cybersecurity and data privacy, adhering to healthcare regulations. + building our tech-team of course :)

The next goals are to create a prototype and a first round of seed investment. We need a business developer to help build up the business side, securing investment, representing the startup toward different entities, working out marketing and sales strategies, organizing trade fairs, starting with sales, until we get enough invest to hire employees. As a cofounder you would define your role yourself, depending on your strength. We would have to find out whether the team is a fit, since we will be spending a lot of time together starting a business. Startup means committing oneself for 4-5 years. And business angels expect 120% commitment.

As a CO-FOUNDER you need to bring the flexibility to everything which comes in as work tasks. I am a Techie with allrounder-mindset looking for like minded people to share work, fun, success and the usual downs of a roller coaster life in a startup.

Sales Marketing Attracting funds Looking after key accounts

Deine Aufgaben werden vor allem Business Development, Vertrieb und Marketing sein. Aktuell wichtig sind vor allem die Positionierung als der Mining-Experte mit dem höchsten Service-Level und dementsprechend muss der Online-Auftritt und die Reichweite weiter aufgebaut werden. Dazu wirst du natürlich Beratungs- und Verkaufsgespräche führen und den Vertrieb weiter ausbauen. Ziel ist es, dass wir gemeinsam Cryptohall24 als die stärkste Marke im gesamten EWR aufbauen.

everything around co-creating and managing a brand and the business based on a product & process solution based on circular economy

Appart from the classical tasks as a CFO, the main important tasks for us in the near Future are the following ones: - Developing and maintaining the financial plan (EXIST-Antrag) - Strategic planning - Accessing LOI´s - Tracking and documenting expenses

• Unterstützung bei der Weiterentwicklung unseres Business-Plans • Unterstützung beim Einholen von Finanzierungen • Erstellung einer Marketingstrategie • Umsetzung von Marketing-Maßnahmen in mehreren Kanälen o Instagram: Produktbilder und -videos, Content-Creation und Social-Media Auftritt o Website: Weiterentwicklung und Pflege o Newsletter: Erstellung • optional: Mithilfe bei Produktentwicklung • Vollständige Job-Ausschreibung:!AkzFMztxgrvTha8WVesmp6czADQwcA?e=1yPHfv

• Unterstützung bei der strategischen Weiterentwicklung unseres Business- und Finanzplans • Recherche, Aufbau und Betreuung von Vertriebskanälen • Entwicklung einer Preisstrategie (Pricing) • Unterstützung beim Einholen von Finanzierungen • optional: Mithilfe bei Produktentwicklung • Vollständige Job-Ausschreibung:!AkzFMztxgrvTha8RxkeGBKI84vtMWw?e=oLhag1

Responsibilities Your primary focus will initially be with helping to introduce our new application in the market, simultaneously building the brand and public brand awareness. You will be responsible for develop and accompany a solid, fast and successful market entry strategy Fundraising and representation of brand identify and manage the regulatory challenges arising from launching a new mobile application in app stores creating and managing our customer base, plus identifying new potential customer segments (B2C and B2B2C) Support in the set up and managing trade with energy certificates Identify new potential trends and services in the electric automotive industry Support and accompany our brand during incorporation Qualifications You hold at least a bachelor's degree in business economics and / or marketing and at least 5+ years of relevant working experience related to renewable energy, energy trading, grid service providers or the automotive industry. You have gained solid experience in business (strategy) development, sales, finance, and perhaps even in IT consulting. In addition: You have worked in a technology startup, preferably in the field of application development (Mobile Apps, Web Applications, SaaS, and were part of successfully accompanying the market entry there. You do not shy away from acquisition, involving your extensive professional network. You are able to recognise unknown and complex interrelationships and trends in this fast-moving market and to acquire and network relevant market knowledge. Additionally, you have knowledge in IT or at least an affinity for our business related topics. You have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and perhaps also in german. If you also have knowledge of the automotive industry or electromobility, we should definitely get to know each other.

- Brainstorming and assessing innovative concepts. - Rigorously testing selected ideas. - Crafting MVPs in collaboration with external contractors. - For validated ideas, assembling founder teams and aiding them in securing funding and expansion. - Constructing an organizational framework that facilitates efficient workflows for the aforementioned tasks, complete with learning and refinement cycles. - Raising capital. - Cultivating a distinctive culture and expanding our team.

Networking, networking and networking... I'm being a part of startup incubator program in the Urbanwork Business Center provided by the business development corporation of the city of Krefeld. The program allows to receive funding up to 43k Euro. I have all the skills, knowledge and resources to manage software development, but as long as I came from other country - I'm missing some important skills for business growth in Germany. I'm looking for a partner who's native language is Deutsch, who knows local traditions and mentality, who has built a good network of contacts in variety of fields. To make our product highly attractive we will need content makers who are experts in their area and your role will be to bring relevant people for this as well.
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