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855 Startup-Jobs found

855 Startup-Jobs found


The co-founder overseeing the technical aspect will play a pivotal role in the development of the electric kitchen device within your startup. Here are some key responsibilities this co-founder might undertake: 1. **Product Development and Design:** - Conceptualizing and developing the electric kitchen device from ideation to prototype. - Designing and optimizing the technical aspects of the product for efficiency and functionality. 2. **Research and Technological Innovation:** - Continuous research into the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in kitchen technology. - Integrating innovative features and technologies to make the device unique and competitive. 3. **Prototyping and Testing:** - Creating prototypes for the kitchen device and conducting comprehensive tests to ensure functionality and reliability. - Iteratively improving the design based on test results and user feedback. 4. **Technical Specifications:** - Creating detailed technical specifications and documentation for the product. - Collaborating with other team members to ensure technical requirements are met. 5. **Team Collaboration:** - Working closely with other co-founders, especially those responsible for marketing, sales, and finance, to ensure technical and business goals align. 6. **Supplier Management:** - Selecting and coordinating suppliers for the required electronic components and materials. - Ensuring an efficient supply chain for production. 7. **Regulatory Requirements:** - Ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory standards and regulations for electrical household appliances. 8. **Scalability and Future Alignment:** - Planning for the scalability of the product to accommodate future developments and market requirements. By taking on these responsibilities, the technical co-founder ensures that the electric kitchen device is not only innovative but also technically robust and market-ready.

We are creating the first well-being game for couples - If it's your first ride: earn how a start-up works and gain first hands experience - You receive a lot of flexibility and responsibility to develop the product - Company shares

We are reimagining the veterinary visit by building a superior pet care experience for all. - You are highly ambitious, equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, and don’t shy back from a challenge – you strive to be a founder of a high growth venture - You graduated top of your class with a degree in business preferably with a focus on finance, real estate, or similar subjects - Relevant background and experience in the finance industry (IB, PE, VC etc.) or consulting or early-stage entrepreneurship - Ability to work on your own – high degree of self-motivation, hands-on mentality, and a pro-active problem-solver mindset - Strong analytical skills with passion for numbers - Fluency in German and English - You are a natural leader with the ability to inspire those around you, excellent team building and communication skills - Bonus: You have an initial understanding of new era healthcare models, preferably the veterinary industry and own a pet

Deine Aufgaben und Verantwortlichkeiten: Mitaufbau des Unternehmens: Sei von Anfang an dabei und gestalte die Zukunft unseres Startups aktiv mit. Entwicklung und Implementierung: Entwickle und implementiere neue Features für unsere Plattform mit Angular und Spring Boot. Integration von Drittanbieterdiensten und APIs: Integriere verschiedene Dienste und APIs, um unsere Plattform noch leistungsfähiger zu machen.

building partnerships and cooperations brand developping b2c marketing leading investment rounds or other ways to get money (in coworking with me)

- Mitwirkung an der Entwicklung und Optimierung unserer DiGA basierend auf evidenzbasierten therapeutischen Methoden. - Zusammenarbeit mit unserem technischen Team zur Integration therapeutischer Inhalte in die App. - Durchführung und Begleitung von klinischen Studien zur Validierung der Wirksamkeit der DiGA. - Unterstützung bei der Erstellung von Behandlungsplänen und -strategien innerhalb der Anwendung. - Beratung des Teams zu psychiatrischen und psychotherapeutischen Fragen

help promote our product both in person and online help develop brand concept and partnerships with retailers

* Design and develop our core product, its architecture, and the technological vision * Represent the company as technology leader during fundraising events * Manage and build out our tech stack and manage its stakeholders * Build and lead a team of in-house (and potentially external) engineers * Grow our fantastic company from scratch by forming an engaging vision, people culture and strong team

The first task is finding the investors.

Craft and execute the technical strategy to align with the startup’s goals. Lead the development of our app from conception to launch. Ensure robustness, security, and scalability of our solutions. Collaborate closely with me to integrate technology and business strategies.

Als Gründer*in bist du verantwortlich für das operative Geschäft, für Marketing, für den Kontakt zu Partner*innen, für das Product Development, für den Vertrieb und alles, was sonst noch so anfällt. Natürlich kannst du auch im Team gründen und die Aufgaben aufteilen.

Umsetzung des MVPs durch Python. Praktischer Teil der Business-Idee
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