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863 Startup-Jobs found


* Fine-tuning LLMs for specific use cases to improve our product * Defining our roadmap, e.g. with regards to data collection, MLOps * Staying up to date with the quickly evolving field * Going forward, building and leading our AI team

Deine Verantwortungsbereiche: - Ownership für das technische Produkt, die Produktroadmap mit großer Nähe zu unseren Kunden und ihren Bedürfnissen - Ownership für das gesamte technische Produkt (Backend & Frontend) - Entwicklung einer mittel- und langfristigen Tech- & Product-Strategie und Pitch dieser Strategie vor zukünftigen Investoren und Partnern - Aufbau und Führung eines Tech- & Product- Teams in der Geschwindigkeit unseres Wachstum und Steuerung externer Partner und Agenturen - In der Anfangsphase direkte Verantwortung für Maintenance, Weiterentwicklung und Deployment unserer internen und externen Web-Apps auf aktuellem Tech-Stack (Typescript, NestJS, MongoDB, Next.js, docker)

We are creating the first well-being game for couples - If it's your first ride: earn how a start-up works and gain first hands experience - You receive a lot of flexibility and responsibility to develop the product - Company shares

We are reimagining the veterinary visit by building a superior pet care experience for all. - You are highly ambitious, equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, and don’t shy back from a challenge – you strive to be a founder of a high growth venture - You graduated top of your class with a degree in business preferably with a focus on finance, real estate, or similar subjects - Relevant background and experience in the finance industry (IB, PE, VC etc.) or consulting or early-stage entrepreneurship - Ability to work on your own – high degree of self-motivation, hands-on mentality, and a pro-active problem-solver mindset - Strong analytical skills with passion for numbers - Fluency in German and English - You are a natural leader with the ability to inspire those around you, excellent team building and communication skills - Bonus: You have an initial understanding of new era healthcare models, preferably the veterinary industry and own a pet

Du hast mindestens erste Erfahrungen im Bereich Sales gesammelt. Dir ist kein Weg zu weit, nichts kann dich aufhalten. In früheren Rollen hast du bereits erkannt, dass Sales genau deine Position ist. Im besten Fall hast du schon im Start-Up Erfahrungen gesammelt, idealerweise als Gründer, oder auch als Mitarbeiter. Deutschkenntnisse sind gerade in der frühen Phase ein Muss.

Tiny Tutors isn't just an educational app: A transformative adventure for children aged 3-8. Our games, built on didactic standards, teach while keeping kids engaged. We prioritize digital awareness and positive emotional health. The game-changer? Our line of real toys that unlock exclusive content. This way we can hook into the massive success of toys like Toniebox, TipToi, and Toys-to-Life games, while also bypassing app store fees. We want to have an ad-free business model and want to regularly encourage kids to play in the real world and include their plush into the gameplay. But here's where we truly stand out: From day one, we want to focus on translation and localization. While big apps have already saturated the major markets with high quality English, Chinese and Russian games, we will be penetrating smaller, emerging markets where parents have longed for educational content in their native languages, be it French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, or others. Here's the spectrum of tasks we haven't covered yet and would need help with: Manufacturing and Supply Chain: Establish relationships with toy manufacturers. Oversee production processes and quality control. Manage inventory and supply chain logistics. Sales and Marketing: Develop and execute a sales and marketing strategy. Establish partnerships with retail stores and distributors. Create promotional campaigns to drive product awareness. Investor Relations: Identify potential investors and pitch the business. Develop and maintain relationships with investors. Secure funding and manage financial aspects of the business. Communication and Networking: Communicate effectively with stakeholders, including manufacturers and retailers. Network within the industry to build valuable connections. Represent the company in events and conferences.

As a startup team, we offer the capability our people to be involved in various aspects of the business. More details will be provided during our first call.

- build partnerships with suppliers and other start-ups - expand B2B sector - sales (also at fairs, events, ...) - develop a marketing strategy

Manage your own properties and lead the team of property managers in a growing business. Optimize work of the team.

Your job will be to define the product, monitor the development, find initial customers, refine the product based on their feedback and then start marketing and sales to scale up!

As product-CEO you will take over responsibility for a data-product. We are a team of entrepreneurs, product- and sales people who are building data products based on open source tools. We have products in the market that are generating revenues. Currently, we are adding AI, esp. LLMs to our tech stack. The potential to launch additional products is limitless. We have a number of products scatched that we can discuss. Also, we could come up with an idea together that fits to your skills and experiences. Roadmap: 1. Define idea 2. Create MVP, chose brand name and domain and launch 3. Execution 4. Scale and Grow

As a Co-Founder, it is your job to do everything that moves the needle in your area of responsibility: Marketing. You will know best, what this is. Nobody will tell you what to do. Your 2 other Co-Founders are just there to help you with everything you need.

Als COO unserer Agentur trägst Du maßgeblich zur Strategieentwicklung und -umsetzung bei, wobei Du das operative Geschäft täglich steuerst. Du bist nicht nur für die Führung und Entwicklung Deines heute fünfköpfigen Teams verantwortlich, sondern auch dafür, enge und positive Beziehungen zu Kunden aufzubauen und zu pflegen. Darüber hinaus bist Du für die Expansion in Form von Gewinnung von Neukunden und dem Aufbau der internen Kapazitäten verantwortlich. Gleichzeitig behältst Du das finanzielle Wohl des Unternehmens im Auge und arbeitest eng mit unserer Eventagentur zusammen. Ein wichtiger Aspekt Deiner Rolle ist auch das Beobachten von Markttrends, um die Unternehmensstrategie entsprechend anzupassen. Zudem pflegst und verhandelst Du Beziehungen zu externen Partnern um das Unternehmen bestmöglich zu positionieren. In dieser zentralen Position agierst Du proaktiv und behältst immer das Gesamtbild des Unternehmens im Blick.

You will take over an existing product for author influencer collaboration. You will run, maintain, improve and further develop this platform. You will recruit the first engineers to support our development. As a co-founder, you will be interested in the progress of the business and help to shape the company and the teams.

𝗬𝗼𝘂'𝗹𝗹 𝗯𝗲 𝗶𝗻 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗲: Work closely with me to shape our vision, strategy, and culture. Let's build a community that celebrates and supports our silver generation every step of the way. You will be the lead for: - Investor Relations: Identify and foster strategic investor relationships and lead negotiations. - P&L Ownership: Manage and optimize the financial performance of the company. - Business Strategy: Develop and implement a comprehensive business strategy aligned with our business and growth objectives. - Operational Excellence: Lead and streamline operations to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. - Partnerships: Identify and foster strategic partnerships to expand our reach and impact.
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