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459 Startup-Jobs found

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full responsibility of developing a compelling backend within 4-5 months, outstanding payment,

Full development responsibility for the Frontend part of the solution

Sei dabei wie wir tausende Menschen tagtäglich dabei unterstützen, einfacher neue Kunden zu gewinnen. Sei dabei von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung. Lass uns das Unternehmen gemeinsam skalieren und tausende Menschen erreichen.

We are creating the first well-being game for couples - If it's your first ride: earn how a start-up works and gain first hands experience - You receive a lot of flexibility and responsibility to develop the product - Company shares

1. Requirements - Proven experience with Flutter and Dart. - Strong knowledge of mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms. - Experience with state management solutions such as Provider, Riverpod, or Bloc. - Familiarity with RESTful APIs and integration. - Understanding of Git and version control systems. - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. - Strong communication and teamwork abilities. - Entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to take on a variety of roles. - Prior experience in a startup environment is a plus. - Previous experience in early stage startups (Bonus) - Previous experience building social/community based apps (Bonus) - You are located in San Francisco, Austin, or Sydney (Bonus)

As a Chief AI Officer & Lead AI Researcher at Clavis, you will: - Lead the development of cutting-edge AI technologies that will be integrated into our humanoid robots. - Stay abreast of the latest advancements in AI and robotics, ensuring Clavis remains at the forefront of the industry. - Foster a culture of innovation and creativity within the AI team. - Develop strategic plans for the AI division, aligning with Clavis's overall objectives and vision. - Collaborate with other departments to ensure the seamless integration of AI technologies into product offerings. - Mentor and guide a team of AI developers and researchers, promoting continuous learning and development.

- Joint refinement of product vision - Joint translation of user requirements into EPICs & user stories - Joint refinement of customer journey and translation into product design - Build-up of platform solution architecture - Developer management - If not yet existent: Upskilling in natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, artificial neural networks & prompt engineering as needed for the use cases

Develop and deploy machine learning models and python scripts to optimize and automate chemical synthesis processes. Collaborate with a passionate team to integrate AI solutions into our workflows. Innovate and contribute to the advancement of our technological capabilities.

Building up and testing the MVP, Establishing the architecture, design, and development of the online marketplace, Leading the development team

Conceptualizing the product idea. Testing the product. Finding customers.

Du würdest die technische Umsetzung unseres Projektes übernehmen. Am besten bist du zwischen 18 & 30 Jahren alt, da wir ein junges Team sind und wohnst in Dortmund oder Umgebung. Das sind aber auf keinen Fall Ausschlusskriterien, also schreib uns einfach gerne! :)

A really chill co-founder with lots of experience and a good network. And a great idea that will win hearts in the Korean startup scene. AI integration into app, building a website and a message board. Later on: a web-store for physical products and gamification of user experience. Lead technical side of business including sales team and developer team. Be ready to present pitch deck to investors and come up with ideas (alongside CEO) to raise money.

Contacting OF Models and similar to get models to use the service (for free for them). Later also contact potential business partners in the adult video industry.

Position Summary We are looking for a passionate Computer Vision and AI engineer who loves solving everyday vision problems. Someone who is regularly saying to themselves “This could be done with computer vision!” and who loves experimenting with new algorithms. You’ll work on a small dynamic team to design and implement cutting edge Computer Vision algorithms that will be used everyday by our customers. Position Summary We’re looking for a full-stack developer to help us build the software that runs our technology and powers the extensive infrastructure behind them. In addition to building more traditional web stacks, you’ll work on code that interfaces with our hardware and visual components, making sure technologies are extra reliable and the user experience amazing. This is not a specialized position - we believe in end-to-end ownership of projects, so you’ll be involved throughout the entire product lifecycle, from idea generation, design, and prototyping to execution, and shipping while contributing to many different parts of the codebase in multiple languages. You Will Be Developing new computer vision algorithms with founders in C/C++ and Python for solving challenging real-world problems Coming up with large scale data collection techniques for training Deep Neural Nets Driving the development of new algorithms that dramatically improve our existing methods Researching and maintaining state-of-the-art ML/CV algorithms that can analyze images Coding full-stack building products from end to end You Will Be Owning major feature development and working directly with the founders on product development from end to end Working with a small interdisciplinary team in hardware, software and design to build new versions of products from scratch Work full stack on building new features and dreaming up new architecture to solve challenging problems Rethinking and recreating existing codebases for scale Continuously improving and maintaining code that’s already in production
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