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Sei dabei wie wir tausende Menschen tagtäglich dabei unterstützen, einfacher neue Kunden zu gewinnen. Sei dabei von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung. Lass uns das Unternehmen gemeinsam skalieren und tausende Menschen erreichen.

We are creating the first well-being game for couples - If it's your first ride: earn how a start-up works and gain first hands experience - You receive a lot of flexibility and responsibility to develop the product - Company shares

- build business plan - raise investments - build a demo version

Being a startup in the very beginning, you can bring your input on every mile which lies ahead for us: - forming the idea to the product worth realizing - develop and design the platform - find investors or create other solutions to fulfill realisation and implementation

Main task: On paper, the game is ready (characters, mechanics, rules, card decks (8 characters, approx 130 item cards; but of course we will limit from this in a prototype ­čśë )). In Godot, there so far only exists a basic playing field with some selection mechanics, so this is the area where you would shine: bringing the concepts etc to life. For the DLT/Blockchain part there is a Dev already, so do not worry if you don't have experience or interest yet in this part.

Deployment of MVP for pilot projects. Setting up AI solution leveraging easy to implement frameworks. Hands on developer work. If you have blind spots in your developer expertise you start research and teach yourself to find the most efficient and low cost method there is. You are a fast mover and focused on building product that is based in data analysis and market validation.

As CTO, you are responsible for the technical development of our product. You translate our shared market-changing ideas into code. Your job is to develop our product to market maturity as quickly as possible so that we are the first mover in our segment.

You will be in touch with our designers and code the frontend/backend of our application. Later on you'll be in charge of leading a small team of developers.

-MANAGBL AI services’ release deployment and maintenance -Design and implement zero-downtime MANAGBL AI services (99.99%) -Manage a SIP infrastructure and build SIP trunks -Implement CI/CD to maintain a scalable architecture; work closely with developers -Automate monitoring metrics; identify and troubleshoot service issues

• Build app structure with experience in software development for mobile phones • Manage a team of developers with an appropriate style of leadership

- Eine leidenschaftliche Hingabe zur Softwareentwicklung, die durch deinen bisherigen Werdegang und deine Projekte belegt ist. - Solide Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von Web- oder Mobile-Anwendungen. - Expertise in gängigen Programmiersprachen und Frameworks. - Ein kreatives Genie, das stets nach neuen Wegen sucht, Probleme zu lösen und Innovationen voranzutreiben. - Die Bereitschaft, in einem hochdynamischen Startup-Umfeld zu arbeiten und gemeinsam mit einem inspirierten Team Großes zu schaffen. - Teamgeist und die Fähigkeit, in einem interdisziplinären Umfeld zu glänzen. - Eine Startup-Mentalität, die von Flexibilität und einer "Can-Do"-Einstellung geprägt ist

From scratch to program. We have the idea as well as the infrastructure, you have to program the app either alone or with a team of developers. Databases Coding Automations

- Implementieren von neuen Backend- und Frontend Features - Arbeiten an der Daten- und Backendstruktur der Web-App - Migration unserer Software in die Cloud - Leitung des Entwicklerteams - Du arbeitest eng mit dem Product Owner an der Weiterentwicklung der Web-App - Du schreibst automatisierte Tests und machst Code-Reviews für eine qualitativ hochwertige Codebasis Mittelfristig: - arbeiten an neuen Modulen und Funktionen wie Data Mining und Machine Learning

Create a cutting edge AI Sales agent.

1. Market Research and Analysis: - Conduct market research to identify target audiences and trends. - Analyze competitors and market dynamics to inform strategies. 2. Marketing Strategy Development: - Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy aligned with the company's goals. - Define key messaging and positioning to differentiate the startup in the market. 3. Brand Building: - Create and maintain the startup's brand identity. - Develop branding campaigns to increase brand awareness. 4. Content Marketing: - Plan and execute content marketing strategies. - Oversee the creation of content for blogs, social media, and other platforms. 5. Digital Marketing: - Manage online advertising campaigns (e.g., PPC, SEO, SEM). - Optimize the startup's online presence and user experience. 6. Sales Strategy: - Develop sales strategies and tactics to achieve revenue targets. - Define sales processes and workflows. 7. Lead Generation and Nurturing: - Implement lead generation programs. - Build and manage a sales funnel to convert leads into customers. 8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): - Implement CRM systems to track and manage customer interactions. - Ensure efficient communication with prospects and customers. 9. Sales Team Management: - Recruit, train, and manage the sales team. - Set sales targets and monitor performance. 10. Analytics and Performance Tracking: - Use data analytics to measure the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts. - Adjust strategies based on performance metrics. 11. Partnerships and Alliances: - Identify and establish partnerships that can drive growth. - Collaborate with other businesses for mutual benefit. 12. Budget Management: - Manage the marketing and sales budget effectively. - Allocate resources to high-impact activities. 13. Customer Feedback and Improvement: - Collect and analyze customer feedback for product/service improvement. - Ensure customer satisfaction and retention. 14. Reporting and Communication: - Regularly report to the executive team and stakeholders on marketing and sales performance. - Provide insights and recommendations for future actions. 15. Stay Updated: - Keep up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technologies. - Adapt strategies accordingly to stay competitive. 16. Risk Management: - Identify and mitigate risks related to marketing and sales efforts. - Plan for contingencies to address potential challenges. 17. Scaling: - Develop strategies for scaling up marketing and sales operations as the startup grows. 18. Legal and Compliance: - Ensure marketing and sales activities comply with relevant laws and regulations. 19. Customer Education: - Develop educational materials to help customers understand the value of the product/service. 20. Innovation and Experimentation: - Encourage innovation in marketing and sales approaches. - Be open to testing new strategies and tactics. A CSO/CMO in a startup plays a crucial role in driving growth, building brand recognition, and achieving revenue targets by effectively combining sales and marketing efforts.
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