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Co-Management of our tech team, Sales, Organization, Roadmap-Planning

The co-founder overseeing the technical aspect will play a pivotal role in the development of the electric kitchen device within your startup. Here are some key responsibilities this co-founder might undertake: 1. **Product Development and Design:** - Conceptualizing and developing the electric kitchen device from ideation to prototype. - Designing and optimizing the technical aspects of the product for efficiency and functionality. 2. **Research and Technological Innovation:** - Continuous research into the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in kitchen technology. - Integrating innovative features and technologies to make the device unique and competitive. 3. **Prototyping and Testing:** - Creating prototypes for the kitchen device and conducting comprehensive tests to ensure functionality and reliability. - Iteratively improving the design based on test results and user feedback. 4. **Technical Specifications:** - Creating detailed technical specifications and documentation for the product. - Collaborating with other team members to ensure technical requirements are met. 5. **Team Collaboration:** - Working closely with other co-founders, especially those responsible for marketing, sales, and finance, to ensure technical and business goals align. 6. **Supplier Management:** - Selecting and coordinating suppliers for the required electronic components and materials. - Ensuring an efficient supply chain for production. 7. **Regulatory Requirements:** - Ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory standards and regulations for electrical household appliances. 8. **Scalability and Future Alignment:** - Planning for the scalability of the product to accommodate future developments and market requirements. By taking on these responsibilities, the technical co-founder ensures that the electric kitchen device is not only innovative but also technically robust and market-ready.

Sei dabei wie wir tausende Menschen tagtäglich dabei unterstützen, einfacher neue Kunden zu gewinnen. Sei dabei von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung. Lass uns das Unternehmen gemeinsam skalieren und tausende Menschen erreichen.

Exciting tasks right before market entry with up to 40% shares. Your tasks will involve talking to coffee shop owners, brainstorming and reviewing all kinds of things (monetarization, privacy, ideas, ...), marketing campaigns, finance, and more.

Aufbau eines neuen Standortes Mitarbeiterführung Controlling

1.Sales Strategy: Develop and implement comprehensive B2B sales strategies to acquire new business clients, including student hostels, housing companies, and other relevant organizations. Identify target markets, segments, and key decision-makers within potential B2B client organizations. Build and nurture relationships with prospective clients through effective communication, presentations, and networking activities. 2.Supplier Negotiation: Lead negotiations with suppliers to secure favorable terms, pricing, and conditions for sourcing sustainable home articles. Evaluate supplier proposals, contracts, and agreements, ensuring alignment with UGOBEL's quality standards and sustainability goals. Continuously assess market trends, supplier performance, and product availability to optimize sourcing strategies and maintain competitive advantage. 3.Business Development: Drive business development initiatives to identify new sourcing opportunities, product categories, and partnerships that align with UGOBEL's mission and objectives. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, operations, and product development, to support the expansion of UGOBEL's product offerings and market presence. 4.Market Research and Analysis: Conduct market research and analysis to identify emerging trends, competitive landscapes, and potential growth opportunities in the sustainable home setup industry. Utilize market insights to inform strategic decision-making, product development initiatives, and sales and marketing strategies.

Deine Rolle: Als Sales & Marketing Specialist wirst du eine entscheidende Rolle dabei spielen, unsere Marke zu stärken, neue Kunden zu gewinnen und unsere Wachstumsziele zu erreichen. Deine Hauptaufgaben umfassen: - Erstellung von Marketingkampagnen inkl. Durchführung (Email, Meta, Google) - Aufbau und Pflege von Kundenbeziehungen - Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Vertriebsstrategien - Identifizierung neuer Geschäftsmöglichkeiten und Kundenakquise

Sie haben die Möglichkeit, ein gutes Honorar zu verdienen, nach Zahlungseingang und Teilnahme unserer Kunden an unseren Schulungen.

1. Schritt: Brainstorming und Weiterentwicklung des Businessplans bevor es an den Start geht

1. Geschäftsintegration: Aktive Suche und Integration neuer Lebensmittelgeschäfte in unsere Plattform, einschließlich Afroshops, türkischer und indischer Läden unter anderem. 2. Verkaufsstrategie: Entwickeln und umsetzen von Strategien, um neue Geschäfte für unsere Plattform zu gewinnen, indem deren Bedürfnisse verstanden und wie unser Service diese erfüllen kann. 3. Marktanalyse: Durchführung von Marktforschungen, um potenzielle Leads zu identifizieren, Markttrends zu verstehen und Verkaufsstrategien entsprechend anzupassen. 4. Beziehungsmanagement: Aufbau und Pflege von starken, langanhaltenden Beziehungen zu Ladenbesitzern, um deren Zufriedenheit und fortwährende Partnerschaft zu gewährleisten. 5. Feedbacksammlung: Sammeln von Rückmeldungen von Geschäften, um unsere Plattform und unser Serviceangebot kontinuierlich zu verbessern.

Ample knowledge in Micro Biology/Biotechnology/ Bio Chemistry, who can closely work with microorganisms. A person who is willing to learn new things and who can have a positive mindset to develop a product which is especially for market and customer sales.

Shaping our brand(s). Creating and organizing digital and real-world events. Selling our products through fitting sales channels. Leading offering processes. Understanding the customer needs and understanding. You offer a stage for your colleagues to shine and be visible.

Akquise von Neukunden aus dem B2B Bereich Aufbau eines Vertriebsteams Mitgestaltung der Vision, Einbringen von Erfahrung
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