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385 Startup-Jobs found

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- Teamwork - Management - Gesundheitswesen - Vision - Motivation - Hart-arbeitend

Be responsible for the new business sales process from A to Z. You qualify leads, give impressive presentations and do whatever it takes to enter into new partnerships. You will target both SMEs and large (international) organisations. Be part of the leadership team of the company Work directly with the founder and CEO to develop and implement the sales strategy and move the company forward Drive revenue growth by turning new opportunities into deals in the enterprise B2B space Enlarge existing customers by increasing their DABBEL-managed building portfolios Work with the team to continuously optimize the sales strategy and procedures Work in a well-organized way with clear accountability and OKRs

Als unser Kooperationspartner erwartet Sie: -Die Möglichkeit, Ihr bestehendes Kundennetzwerk gewinnbringend zu nutzen. -Eine erfolgsorientierte Zusammenarbeit -Die Chance, Teil eines motivierten Teams zu werden und gemeinsam an unserem Unternehmenserfolg mitzuwirken. -Eine partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit, bei der Ihre Fähigkeiten und Ihr Netzwerk geschätzt werden.

We are reimagining the veterinary visit by building a superior pet care experience for all. - You are highly ambitious, equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, and don’t shy back from a challenge – you strive to be a founder of a high growth venture - You graduated top of your class with a degree in business preferably with a focus on finance, real estate, or similar subjects - Relevant background and experience in the finance industry (IB, PE, VC etc.) or consulting or early-stage entrepreneurship - Ability to work on your own – high degree of self-motivation, hands-on mentality, and a pro-active problem-solver mindset - Strong analytical skills with passion for numbers - Fluency in German and English - You are a natural leader with the ability to inspire those around you, excellent team building and communication skills - Bonus: You have an initial understanding of new era healthcare models, preferably the veterinary industry and own a pet

Our IT infrastructure is a 'tabula rosa' ready to be chiseled into something great. Tasks will run the full spectrum from front-end to back-end to A.I. This is not for the inexperienced but the earning potential is high.

Als Teil des Management-Teams neben CEO und CCO übernimmst du die technische Gesamtverantwortung für unser Startup. Dabei bist du sowohl Technology Leader als auch People Leader für unser Entwickler-Team. Du kümmerst dich um die Software-Architektur der Beta-Version unserer App, begleitest den Release unserer Beta-Version an unsere Pilotkund:innen und übernimmst die technische Betreuung des ersten Testzyklus der Beta-Version ab März 2024. Als CTO bist du hierbei Ansprechpartner:in für alle technischen Fragestellungen.

- Prepare the company for first round of investments

Du übernimmst die Geschäftsführung und den Personalaufbau.

Wir starten ohne externes funding und ohne Angestellte. Bevor wir eine Finanzierungsrunde abschließen, werden wir daher bei der Arbeit auf uns allein gestellt sein. Kai (COO) und Michael (CEO) sind noch als Oberärzte in der Uniklinik tätig und wir werden uns zusammen gut organisieren müssen, um effektiv alle Aufgaben zu erledigen.

You are starting with close to zero funding and zero employees. So before we secure funding you will have to work kind of on your own. Kai (COO) and Michael (CEO) are

As product-CEO you will take over responsibility for a data-product. We are a team of entrepreneurs, product- and sales people who are building data products based on open source tools. We have products in the market that are generating revenues. Currently, we are adding AI, esp. LLMs to our tech stack. The potential to launch additional products is limitless. We have a number of products scatched that we can discuss. Also, we could come up with an idea together that fits to your skills and experiences. Roadmap: 1. Define idea 2. Create MVP, chose brand name and domain and launch 3. Execution 4. Scale and Grow

Retactic is at a point where we have a working prototype / MVP of the product, which is more or less ready to sell. Your main task will be acquiring our first customers and building enough revenue momentum to allow us to hire employees and attract potential investors. Your day-to-day will include everything necessary to reach this goal.

As the Head of Operations and Co-founder of Explorer Elite, you can expect a dynamic spectrum of tasks that encompass the operational backbone of our adventure travel platform. Your responsibilities will include overseeing day-to-day operations, implementing strategic plans for business growth, and managing the intricate logistics of our diverse adventure offerings. From optimizing processes to ensuring top-notch customer experiences, you will play a pivotal role in steering Explorer Elite towards operational excellence. Your involvement will extend to risk management, sustainable practices, vendor relationships, and fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. Expect to be at the forefront of shaping a unique platform that thrives on adventure and enriching travel experiences. Moreover, you will function as the key executive performing all tasks akin to the CEO, ensuring smooth operations even in their absence, making you the primary managing element of the entire operation.

We need to build a team around our strong technical team. We need the business person, the organiser, the sales enthusiast to get the product out to the people.

1. Learn deeply about the blockchain and Real Estate industries to understand the project from a global perspective and be able to spot startegies, challenges, solutions, etc. 2. Talk to and coordinate with our legal partners to comply with all regulations and policies. 3. Talk to and coordinate with our partners in the Real Estate sector to optimize value creation in order to grow the business. 4. Talk to and coordinate technical teams to develop the product according to the requirements and the vision of the company (this does not mean having technical skills). 5. Generate ideas and work in new startegies and business models to preserve competitive advantage.
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