Mentor needed (29)

CMO needed for TBD Startup Berlin

"Most probably a B2B SaaS focusing German market in the start and then EU market. I am in the idea phase, looking forward to your suggestions"
Mentor as Sales Manager Marketing Manager

CEO needed for Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung Berlin

"Realisierung eines modernen und effizienten Prozessmanagements in Unternehmen. Umsetzung einer attraktiven Arbeitgebermarke für soziales Personalmanagement. "
Mentor as Sales Manager

CTO needed for Smart Data analytics startup Hamburg

"We are creating smart logics, algorythms and artificial intelligences to analyse product data and make recommendations for users."
Mentor as Developer (backend)

CTO needed for Startup mit patentierter Technologie Regensburg

"Unsere größte Inspiration ist der Mensch, unser Antrieb zukünftige Entwicklungen. Innovation sehen wir als etwas, das im Team entsteht."
Mentor as Manager

Machine-learning Expert needed for BabyRoo München

"BabyRoo is creating the first all-in-one smart growth baby monitor which autonomously and continuously measures the most important growth indicators of infants."
Mentor as Consultant

Austausch needed for Mastermindgruppe in Hamburg Hamburg

"Hallo Freunde, ich bin dabei eine Mastermindgruppe in Hamburg zu gründen. Wenn Interesse besteht, meldet Euch gerne bei mir. LG Ramadan"
Mentor as Other

Mentor / Angel needed for Research Company Builder Expansion Deutschland

"The name is the mission: Identify, facilitate and business develop promising technologies from academia. Market is D-A-CH."
Mentor as Consultant

Mentor needed for Crowdinvestingkampagne Berlin

"Bereits existierende Online-Reise-Plattform in Emerging markets"
Mentor as Other

CMO needed for Crowdfunding platform Stuttgart

"To consistently remain a thriving network for crowdfunding needs in the global arena."
Mentor as PR Manager Marketing Manager