Es stehen verschiedene Aufgaben an – bitte lass uns wissen, welche du übernehmen könntest und ob du bereit wärst, dich in andere reinzudenken:
• Appentwicklung für die Schnittstelle zum Nutzer (iOS / Android)
• Machine-Learning-Algorithmen: (1) Objekterkennung inkl. Datensetaufbau für den Diagnosealgorithmus, (2) ein sich selbst verbessernder Behandlungsalgorithmus basierend auf Hautbildveränderungen
• Webentwicklung für die Schnittstelle zum Nutzer und für Online-Shop
• Regelbasierte Algorithmen für den Diagnose- und Behandlungsalgorithmus
• Umgang mit Datenbanken
• Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik/Signalverarbeitung für den Bau eines Diagnosegeräts
• Außerdem: Strukturiert, logisch und reflektiert vorzugehen, offen zu sein und gewaltfrei zu kommunizieren ist easy für dich.

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Um das Leben von 80% der Jugendlichen und vielen Erwachsenen zu verbessern. Hier sind ein paar Posts aus einer Facebook-Gruppe, die zeigen, wie belastet die Menschen sind:

„I just keep trying things that work or maybe not, and then I have another breakout and I’m never really sure if it’s because of the product or something else like my cycle or something I ate or too much sun or the list goes on... I feel like I hit a new low today, my face is so sore and it is really affecting my self esteem, I even hate having video calls with my family 😢.“

„I’ve used, tried, and taken it all and honestly nothing has truly helped and with this pandemic I find my acne getting worse.“

„My skin just makes me so depressed I can't do this anymore I need some advice some kind of help please“

„I have bad hormonal acne around my mouth and chin and it makes me so insecure.“

„I was called pizza face once in a theater improv and no one said anything including the teacher“

„This year marks 10 years since I have had severe acne. I am 21 years old and still suffer from severe acne.“

„I'm tired of being on such a religious routine and not getting any results... I know my skin isn't that bad, but Im just exhausted from seeing it cycle between better and then worst and then better and then even worst“

„I m feeling very down and suicidal i m dealing with multiple problems and this is one of them i get alot of cystic acne on my body and face which left red scars and PIE/PIH plz help me i cant go to events people keep stare at my face and all of them have clear glass skin i m 18 o/y“

„I like to look at myself in the mirror, study every imperfection until I feel bad. […]  I can't remember how many times I said no to meeting someone (before Covid) because my skin was bad. I usually tell this joke "I like mask because no one can see my scars" but it's not a joke, it's a painful truth. I feel shame.“

„Now my 15 year old is really struggling with acne on her face and back. My husbands grandfather even made a horrid comment that has really affected her self asteem - ‘I hope you aren’t letting her leave the house or go to school looking like that’ "

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