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What's the idea behind Lexios?
Simply put, “Learn vocabulary effortlessly while browsing the web”.

An example is worth a thousand words. Let’s suppose you decide to learn German; read the following sentence:

- He went to Geneva aéroport to take his plane to Paris.

Here, without knowing a single word of French, you just guessed that "aéoroport" means airport from the context! That's ludic and did not require you any real conscious effort, yet you just learnt a new word.

How does Lexios work?
Lexios is a web extension for Chrome and Edge that translates words on the pages you visit. Hence you learn new vocabulary passively while browsing the web as usual.
We just released the MVP a few weeks ago, so please check it out at https://lexios.io.

Looks interesting but… does it give any actual proven results?
The first study on this concept shows results comparable or even better than standard methods such as vocabulary tables - while only inducing a slight slow down in reading speed. If interested, check out the study at https://cutt.ly/ScrAvFm.

Next steps for Lexios
We just released Lexios MVP a few weeks ago and are now looking at growing it. There will be first the release of Lexios premium in the next two months, followed by new features and supported languages.

The team only consists of myself at this point in time, with the role of CTO and a strong focus on continuing to develop the product. There used to be another co-founder that filled the COO role and also took care of some of the marketing aspects. However, he did not want to continue with Lexios full time, leaving the spot wide open for anyone interested. Hence we are looking for one to two people with experience in marketing and operations to join Lexios full time. We did not have any funding yet; thus, you would get shares in the company and no salary.

Growth will be a crucial factor for the future of Lexios. That is why we would want to start looking at funding soon, once the team is complete.

The challenges

You - finding a cofounder to join Lexios.
Beside that, launching Lexios Premium, supporting more base languages (to learn from) such as Spanish and Portuguese and finally, looking for funding.

Target group

Main target group is students between 18 and 25 years old, learning new languages due to their studies or because they plan to travel or take over a first job where extra language knowledge is needed. The second target group is people between 25 and roughly 45 years willing to learn new vocabulary in order to improve their skills at work, talking to friends/spouse or for traveling.
Users must have access to a personal computer, as for the time being, the service does not run on mobile. As such we focus on people with basic education and income


You want to build an international startup and change the way users learn a new language? Then join me in making Lexios a success story over the next few years:

I am Nicolas, the first Co-Founder of Lexios (https://lexios.io/). The MVP is up and running, and the first successful user growth campaigns have been launched; Lexios was trending on Reddit. Now it’s time to enter the second stage and plan a first fundraising round for later this year. During the last six months, I have been building the base of Lexios, and I will take care of the Engineering part at Lexios. I am looking for a dedicated Co-Founder who is willing to take risks and share future success. Together we will build a strong team and tackle a multi-billion dollar market.

As the ideal partner, you have experience in:
- User growth via free and paid channels, ideally in the app, website, or extension space
- Customer Operations like Customer Support
- Fundraising and Finance
- Business Development incl. partnerships to grow revenues
- Build a business from scratch, knowing the highs and lows

We are looking for
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We offer
KAsalary 33%Shares
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Why you should work with us

You will be joining a project with an already developed MVP. This is the perfect moment to join if you like the concept. We will starting growing the user base, getting investors in and growing the company!

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Learn vocabulary effortlessly while browsing the web. No more need for boring vocabulary books or flashcards!

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