Specific competencies:
- Improving initial assumptions with early customers to find MVP fit
- Tech Strategy
- Full cycle app development (ionic)
- DB development
- Software Architecture
- Coordination of outsourced development team & external tech partners
- Cross-cutting concerns (security, configuration, etc.)
- Tech project budget

General competencies:
- Interest at Proptech
- Strategy / Management skills
- Base Practices (Staged Dev/Agile stage gate/Scrum/Lean/VoC/CusDev/SyncDev/Design Thinking/DevOps etc)
- Dev stage relevant tech tools
- Active participation at meetups, conferences etc

Personal competencies:
- very ambitious to build global company
- Dedicated to extrem customer care & product quality
- honest
- Multi-tasking & task prioritization
- thinking big and realistic (hands on)
- constant learning new/best practices & new tech
- Very self-organized
- Open-minded

Social competencies:
- very good communication skills
- Advanced German & English

- Relevant mobile app background
- Practical understanding of key new tech (AI, blockchain, real-time interactivity etc)
- Initial experience in relevant fields
- Former successes in life

- Salary & Company shares
- Co-Working Space in Berlin-Center
- Initially part-time, later full-time
- Use of world-best practices & methods
- Skyrocket learning curve

We are looking for
0Entrepreneurial exper. 0Vocational exper. 0Academic exper.
We offer
KAsalary KAShares
Why you should work with us

You have a unique opportunity to co-experiment with ambition to build global proptech startup from scratch in A-Team. All needed partners exist. Well thought disruptive concept exists. Validation interviews from test customers positive.

Project stage: starting to co-develop MVP and initial PR & marketing activities.

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