What you bring to the team

Full-Stack development skills, understanding of the healthcare IT regulations in Germany and Europe, particularly regarding TI Messenger and Matrix

What awaits you

Oversight of further development
Management of system architecture
IT compliance

What we offer you

Cofounder status with ownership share

About our project

Klynex will optimize healthcare collaboration for practices, MVZs and hospitals, allowing them to improve care, reduce costs and attract their optimal patients.

We have developed a system for secure communication, following DSGVO guidelines, with web and mobile applications, for optimal communication among members of medical practices, MVZs and hospitals. This system is in full beta testing and features are being added weekly. In our next phase, we will be adding AI features to reduce workload in practices.

While my team has the capability to envision and develop these tools, we are looking for partners moving forward with the experience in business development needed to bring this product to market

Costs of further development
Marketing / early-stage business management

Target group
Large medical practices, MVZs, Private hospitals


KA salary
KA Shares
from immediately Startdate

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