What you bring to the team

I hope you have development experience. Currently we want to build an electronic health platform. We hope we can start a business together and you can be responsible for all technical issues. This is a project with great potential.
You have strengths in...
  • networking and business relationships
You already have...
  • founded a company

What awaits you

We can discuss how to build a platform together. Currently, I have a ready-made API interface. We need to build a software framework. I can write the content.

About our project

I plan to develop an electronic health platform for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

I plan to develop an electronic health platform for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This platform will offer tongue and face diagnosis analysis, constitution type analysis, and acupuncture point localization. Additionally, it will disseminate TCM knowledge while providing remote assistance to customers and facilitating product sales.

I need these characters to join us. We can definitely make a good business project and make a profit.
1. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
2. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Chief Business Officer (CBO)
3. User Experience Designer (UX/UI Designer)
4. Data Scientist

Target group
1. Health-Conscious Individuals
- Characteristics: Highly prioritize preventive healthcare and overall wellness.
- Needs: Seek reliable TCM diagnosis and treatment advice, interested in self-health management and learning about TCM.
2. Chronic Disease Patients
- Characteristics: Individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis.
- Needs: Looking for complementary therapies to conventional treatment, aiming to improve symptoms and quality of life through personalized health management.
3. TCM Enthusiasts
- Characteristics: People with a keen interest in TCM and natural therapies.
- Needs: Desire access to TCM knowledge, professional diagnosis and treatment advice, and TCM products.
4. Busy Professionals
- Characteristics: Professionals with demanding schedules, concerned about their health but lacking time.
- Needs: Require convenient remote medical services, able to access health consultations and diagnoses from home or work.
5. Elderly Population
- Characteristics: Aging individuals with increasing health concerns, often have a high level of trust in traditional medicine.
- Needs: Want to maintain health through TCM diagnosis and treatment, seeking personalized wellness advice and management.
6. Families with Children
- Characteristics: Families with children, very concerned about their children's health.
- Needs: Looking for safe TCM diagnostic and treatment methods, especially for common childhood health issues like digestive problems and low immunity.


Co-Founder in the area of Tech wanted as Developer
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