UX / UI designer wanted for Elody Updated Oct 2019
UX / UI designer
Our Offer

Shares in the company.

The challenges

Elody allows you to solve any software problem directly through your browser.

Target group

We use a Wikipedia-like contribution model: Anyone can upload software to our database, and we make that software extremely easy for endusers to use.


We need someone to make the website more understandable for users.

Both endusers and developers currently find the platform hard to understand, even though they are very enthusiastic about what it can do.

Applicants should understand UX/UI/design but also need an understanding of software development, so that they can understand the needs of our target demographic.

We are looking for
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We offer
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Why you should work with us

We have 3 investors who expressed interest and confirmed that this is a billion-dollar idea if it succeeds. Unfortunately, they are waiting for us to prove that we can enter the market successfully on our own before they are willing to invest.
Developers are generally very enthusiastic about what we are offering, but unfortunately the website is too hard to understand right now. That's why we need a UX expert before we can really take off.

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Florian Dietz

Florian Dietz

+49 176 61973300


Make solving software problems as easy as google made answering questions.

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