What you bring to the team

For now, it is the biggest challenge to create a GTM strategy. With limited resources we should find a way to have an impact (reach and first sales or investment).
You have strengths in...
  • getting in touch with people
  • design and visuals
  • structuring and strategic thinking
You already have...
  • participated in an accelerator/incubator

What awaits you

All we can do! (early stage — let’s get our hands dirty)

About our project

Alles fit im Schritt! No more pain or sweat in the crotch.

Position as a co-founder
(Startup is in stealthmode and currently part of the Stoff im Kopf accelerator)

An new innovative product which might be hard to sell, because it is used in the taboo zone and in general, people are sceptic when it comes to unproved/new things.

Target group
Currently, testing the PMF


KA salary
KA Shares
from immediately Startdate
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Unternehmensaufbau und Weiterentwicklung

Tell me that you are the best and I will tell you more about the project.

Unsere Vision ist die Grenzen der E-Mobilität weiter zu verschieben und die leistungsstärksten Energiespeichersysteme zu bauen