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Co-founder Wanted for the Development of an Innovative Kitchen Appliance!

We, a passionate and creative team, are on the lookout for a co-founder who is eager and knowledgeable to take on the challenge of designing a groundbreaking technical product for the kitchen. Our focus is on creating a small electrical kitchen appliance that will revolutionize the cooking experience.

If you have a passion for technology and culinary arts, and enjoy developing innovative solutions, you could be the perfect fit for us! As a co-founder, your role will involve collaborating with us to generate ideas, design concepts, and drive the entire process of product development.

We offer a dynamic and creative environment where your ideas are valued, providing you with the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the success of our venture. If you dream of creating a technical product for the kitchen that enhances people's everyday lives, we would love to hear from you!

Interested individuals are welcome to reach out with a brief introduction and their experiences in product development. Together, let's shape the future of kitchen technology and bring an unforgettable product to the market. Join us and be a part of our exciting journey!

What awaits you

The co-founder overseeing the technical aspect will play a pivotal role in the development of the electric kitchen device within your startup. Here are some key responsibilities this co-founder might undertake:

1. **Product Development and Design:**
- Conceptualizing and developing the electric kitchen device from ideation to prototype.
- Designing and optimizing the technical aspects of the product for efficiency and functionality.

2. **Research and Technological Innovation:**
- Continuous research into the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in kitchen technology.
- Integrating innovative features and technologies to make the device unique and competitive.

3. **Prototyping and Testing:**
- Creating prototypes for the kitchen device and conducting comprehensive tests to ensure functionality and reliability.
- Iteratively improving the design based on test results and user feedback.

4. **Technical Specifications:**
- Creating detailed technical specifications and documentation for the product.
- Collaborating with other team members to ensure technical requirements are met.

5. **Team Collaboration:**
- Working closely with other co-founders, especially those responsible for marketing, sales, and finance, to ensure technical and business goals align.

6. **Supplier Management:**
- Selecting and coordinating suppliers for the required electronic components and materials.
- Ensuring an efficient supply chain for production.

7. **Regulatory Requirements:**
- Ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory standards and regulations for electrical household appliances.

8. **Scalability and Future Alignment:**
- Planning for the scalability of the product to accommodate future developments and market requirements.

By taking on these responsibilities, the technical co-founder ensures that the electric kitchen device is not only innovative but also technically robust and market-ready.


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