What you bring to the team

We look for a business partner at the intersection of sales, customer success and environmental science with deep experience in environmental science and working with companies, e.g., an environmental consultant with a large B2B network and multiple years of experience.

* Environmental Science
* B2B Sales
* Large B2B Network
* 5+ years woking experience
You have strengths in...
  • getting in touch with people
  • networking and business relationships
You already have...
  • worked as fulltime employee

What awaits you

This is a highly dynamic and exciting opportunity to scale Footprint Intelligence and create real impact.

About our project

Decarbonizing the IT-, Media- & Service-industry.

Digital Platform to calculate, report and decarbonize the carbon footprint of digital and service companies, fast and effective.

Scaling Sales & Customer success

Target group
Media, IT and Service companies


Co-Founder in the area of Sales Business wanted as Consultant
München Region
KA salary
KA Shares
from immediately Startdate

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