What you bring to the team

* Ideally based in Berlin or willingness to be here regularly
* At least 2-3 years of experience working in machine learning, data science, MLOps
* Passion for generative AI and the latest trends in LLMs
* Independent and well-structured work style
* Very good communication in English or German
You have strengths in...
  • numbers, data and logic
  • pushing and getting things done

What awaits you

* Fine-tuning LLMs for specific use cases to improve our product
* Defining our roadmap, e.g. with regards to data collection, MLOps
* Staying up to date with the quickly evolving field
* Going forward, building and leading our AI team

About our project

We use the latest AI technology to democratise the creation of professional presentations.

Cultway is an intuitive AI-first software that helps users to easily and quickly transform a script into high-quality, professional slides.


Berlin Region
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