What you bring to the team

Planing campaign
Testing key phrases
Doing AB tests
German Native or C1
Minimum 3 years experience
You have strengths in...
  • getting in touch with people
You already have...
  • founded a company

What awaits you

Planing campaign
Testing key phrases
Doing AB tests
German Native or C1

About our project

Pioneering AI for psychologists, revolutionizing self-reflection analysis. Empowering growth, deepening insights. Welcome to tomorrow's therapy.

Market Analysis and Strategy: conduct thorough market research to identify trends, gaps, and opportunities. Develop strategies to penetrate new markets, expand customer bases, and stay competitive.

Partnerships and Alliances: form strategic partnerships and alliances that can provide access to new customers, distribution channels, technologies, or resources.

Sales and Revenue Growth: develop and implement effective sales strategies to drive revenue growth. This could involve refining pricing models, exploring new sales channels, and improving lead generation.

Product Development and Innovation: Identify customer needs and work with cross-functional teams to create or refine products and services that meet those needs, staying ahead of the curve.

Create an MVP
Register a company

Target group
Psychologists, therapy patients


KA salary
KA Shares
from immediately Startdate
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