The aim of the company is to address various business problems related to Marketing (e.g., consumer analysis), Pricing, Competitor analysis etc. across various sources (e.g., social media) on an international scale via traditional means (e.g., sentiment analysis, dictionary building) but also to implement unique NLP approaches (machine-learning).

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Why you should work with us

I am reliable, accountable, entrepreneurial, intelligent, willing to learn new things, sick of 9-5, appreciate other people with different skills and cultural backgrounds, fluent in English, willing to work independently and remotely yet in collaboration with other people .Sounds like you? I would love to hear from you!
Your professional background should be: Ideally, Computer Science, Statistics, Math, or similar. Ideally, you worked in a corporate environment before.
First and foremost, I believe that the personal fit in an entrepreneurial team is the single most important factor. If we don’t share the same basic values and a similar mindset as indicated above, a business will not succeed. Professional skills are important but sharing unique basic values is key. If this is the case, diversity in terms of personality, cultural background and skills is very much welcomed.
Location: Germany or EU country
Sounds like you? I would love to hear from you.

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