What you bring to the team

• Bring our concept to the next level starting with MVP´s to be turned into a fully scalable platform / ecosystem.
• Design the vision and roadmap for how and which technology to be used.
• Develop, orchestrate and implement our core solution and its architecture.
• Build and manage our tech stack and ecosystem with its corresponding stakeholders.
• Ensure the technology resources used meet the short and long-term goals and adhere to regulatory and security standards.
• Take full ownership for development and all other technical aspects.
• Represent our company as technology leader during fundraising events.
• You designed, built and deployed complete software architecture, modules, and components.
• You have experience in system integrations and API's.
• You have full stack web development experience (built modern, feature rich and performant web apps and platforms).
• You have knowledge about data architecture, data infrastructure, and database management.
• You’ve helped create dev roadmaps and prioritising features with others.
• You've dealt with all stages of a software development lifecycle.
• You must be a team player with a solution-oriented mindset.
• You are speaking fluently English.
• You enjoy working also remotely.

What awaits you

• Shareholder - Be a co-owner of our company. We will be equal co-founders and split responsibilities based on who is most capable.
• Growth - Jump into a growth story from the beginning. Your engagement level is growing with the stage level we are in. It is allowing you moving step by step into a finally full time job at the company you are going to co-own.
• Team - Join a team that values culture is very high.
• Leadership - Become part of the leadership team.

What we offer you

1. Founders have decades of global experience in the digital b2b2c data & insight driven business.
2. Disruptive business model which closes a worldwide data gap for doing business decisions while allows a fair trading with data.

About us

We provide the global leading platform that enables companies to share and leverage zero-party data to grow their business.

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