Did you ever try to share pictures from iPhone to Android? You will always loose quality as well as GPS-data.
My App is simple: It's as easy as WhatsApp but optimized for sending full quality pictures
I already have developed the app based on open-source software but I want someone to keep working on it with me or also work on other App/Web-projects.
I need someone who can do App-development. I do this project next to my work so it is more a relaxed project to develop some cool stuff. I want to do some coding together with someone who also enjoys to have some nice Dev-project in his/her freetime. And in the end, if some money comes out of the project, then that would be a plus, but let's see :) I'm also open to any other idea for App/Web-Projects if you have some :)

PS: Ich habe die Ausschreibung mal auf Englisch geschrieben, aber ich spreche natürlich auch Deutsch :)

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You should work with me if you like to code, have a side-project and don`t want a stressy environment.

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