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The challenges

Elody allows you to solve any software problem directly through your browser.

Target group

We use a Wikipedia-like contribution model: Anyone can upload software to our database, and we make that software extremely easy for endusers to use.


Improve on the one and a half years of development work our CEO/CTO has already done and take over any aspects of it that you are good at: Python, Django, server adminstration, AI, ...

We are looking for
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Why you should work with us

A decade from now, Elody will be smart and versatile enough that it will be the first stop for anyone with a software problem, whether a businessman or a private individual. Join and you will be able to say you were there when it started. And also get incredibly rich in the process.

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Florian Dietz

Florian Dietz

+49 176 61973300


Make solving software problems as easy as google made answering questions.

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