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These days, everyone focuses on the visualization of data. What seems to be forgotten is the visualization of the calculation. Usually, the analyst conducts the calculation in spreadsheets or in complicated data analytic software. To his boss, colleagues and clients he just shows the result of the calculation – usually in beautiful charts copied to Powerpoint.

In a research project at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt), we interviewed leading manufacturers and consultancies. In these interviews, we found out that people want to see more than just the results of a calculation. They want to understand and discuss the underlying causalities. They want to integrate their own assumptions and opinions.

Our software visualizes the underlying causalities and mathematical equations graphically – easy to understand by everyone and without the need to copy it to Powerpoint. The assumptions of others can be included by grabbing the line or the bar of an input data chart and moving it. The calculations runs and the results are shown immediately. In this way communicating what is going on in complex calculations becomes very easy. Changing inputs and viewing results in this way allows teams to test hypotheses efficiently. All barriers for using collective brainpower are gone.

The challenges

Spinning off from the German Aerospace Center and going to market

Target group

Consultants and economists conducting complex market and general business simulations


Are you ready for developing and executing a marketing strategy to attack the global players in spreadsheet softwares like MS Excel & Co.? You are genius in mass marketing (especially for B2B software)? For at least several years this topic occupied the major part of your life (preferably in consulting, a start-up or another company)? You think that neuromarketing and psychology is key to successful marketing? You know tons of cutting edge practices for creating extraordinary customer journeys? And you are familiar with touchpoints, CRM and technologies for tracking customers inside the sales funnel?Maybe these tasks are a bit overwhelming. You don't have to know them all. But since we are planning to attack Goliath, your life goal should be to master them all. And most importantly: You are constantly looking for ways to improve your marketing skills.You feel thrilled by this challenge? If yes, you might be our future chief marketing officer (CMO) and co-founder. Just let us know. We are happy to getting to know you!

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Why you should work with us

- We are close to seed funding stage and you still get an extraordinary position
- Market-leading consulting companies, a major German car manufacturer and several other well-known companies committed to our project as test users. The problems and the feedback these test users revealed to us in more than 30 interviews form a solid base for our product-market-fit
- We already developed a prototype and are close to our minimum viable product
- Our vision and our plan for execution is already in a very detailed stage
- Where else would you get the chance to kick Bill Gates ass?

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We make causal dependencies in complex economic calculations visible that everyone is able to understand and to contribute his perspective

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