Our Offer

AvoTravel.com is an accommodation, work & meeting spaces marketplace, providing a service best suited to the needs of the business & success oriented community. Enjoy the flexibility, increased comfort and greater productivity by living, working & AvoTravelling with us!

1. Stay "Business Fit" in the AvoTravel Smart Spaces that suit your needs & budget. All our living spaces will have
Desk with ample outlets and a lamp.
Free high-speed Internet access.
Coffee, Tea and water included in the price.

2. You can provide your own accommodation to our expanding Community.

3. Work Anywhere by renting our flexible and fixed desks, separate offices, meeting and conference rooms. Rent by the hour, day or month.

4. Benefit from your loyalty card with a unique points system allowing many bonuses and discounts for the frequent travelers.

5. Open up an additional income source by renting out your home and become a privileged Host for our Business Community.

The challenges

Develop the customer/booking side. Scale Germany-wide. Expand Europe-Wide. Consolidate positions. Partner with similar companies. Ask me - I can continue till morning!

Target group

Business travelers, Startup Community, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed and the like.


We are developing AVO which aspires to be more than an Airbnb for the Business People who look for Business Space.

Sales, Expansion of Business and Attraction of Customers both B2B and B2C, Concierge Service type of Sales (Lean Startup), marketing online and offline, customer development and acquisition, all sorts of commercial operations in the Real Estate Rentals sphere.

Please answer to [email protected]

We are looking for
0Entrepreneurial exper. 0Vocational exper. 0Academic exper.
We offer
KAsalary KAShares
A. we are employing a full time marketing intern who helps serve the booking inquiries (concierge service)
B. we have clients and are acquiring corporate clients
C. are generating turnover (have proven the biz model), have traction
D. are 4 board members

The requirements for you as a successful candidate:

1. As it's a co-founder type of position, therefore you need to be able to bootstrap with us till we raise a round of investment that we expect in the months to come as we are actively applying (are qualified) for selected accelerator programs / grants across Europe. The salary will be paid from the Grants / Investment we get from the programs/funds.

2. Ideally you are an experienced sales person, with experience in Real Estate operations and Sales. You should have a record of sales (all sorts of sales that are knows in RE) that you have generated mainly yourself without being employed by a company (not as employee) so that we are sure you are a strong and independent professional who can push sales and co-found a super-successful company with us that aims far and wide.

3. Ideally you are an EU/EEA citizen and based in Germany or Berlin so that we can easily involve you on board as a shareholder and you will not have any obstacles in travel or employment throughout the EU/EEA space.

4. If you are based in Germany - you should be physically attending our home office in Berlin at least once a month (more often would be a huge plus) besides the regular tele-media contact that we will have.
From experience we can say that co-founding while having a FULL time job is not optimal to give maximum chance for your startup to realize its entire potential and see if it can replace your previous occupations, and significantly change your life as YOUR MAIN BUSINESS - that's what we're all working
towards. If you are a self-employed/freelancing professional (like the core AVO team) or PART TIME / Flexible HOURS employee who can control your schedule by having own projects/sources of income you have the most potential to start your own start-up business. Remember that FOCUS is everything.

5. We are actively applying and ready to join the upcoming accelerator program and graduate it with success (raise more funds) and take our enterprise to the next and more complex / more challenging and exciting business levels.
That means the accelerator program could take place in a West European city in the months to come (ex: Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain etc.)
where the core founders would be physically present (*typical program lasts around 3 months with extension to 12 months on/offsite ) In case of further significant rounds of investment you should be able to come and work on AVO board full time for a salary and obviously equity.

6. You are a motivated and driven individual with entrepreneurial aspirations and readiness to "walk an extra mile", full respect towards your work partners, accountability, responsibility very high sense of close collaboration and full reliability.

We are open!

Video targeting Partnerships with Real Estate Companies:

Video targeted towards Investors:

Please let me know skype (djdamyan29) or ian (at) avotravel.com
Why you should work with us

- Tremendous Potential to Grow and Found your Own Business, Be Your own Boss
- Manifest your Business Aspirations to the fullest and beyond
- Interesting and Exciting challenges that will make you Grow Exponentially
- Precious Knowledge
- We've walked a long way, acquired a lot of experience and are looking for strong partners to carry on with us on our exciting path / ambitious mission and vision.
- We've overcome many chicken and egg obstacles and are succeeding whatever it takes.
- We're not afraid of difficulties and hard work and are looking for same breed of people
- Let's thrive together? Please send us your latest updated CV and your business profile online (Linkedin/Xing etc.).

Vielen Dank! Wir fruen uns sehr!

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