We’re looking for a full stack developer to independently lead the development of our platform. Your
experience in coding and system architectures and your leadership skills help you grow the
development team and build the MVP.

We are looking for
3Entrepreneurial exper. 3Vocational exper. 0Academic exper. 2Languages
We offer
0-2000 Euro pro Monat salary 30-40%Shares
Why you should work with us

Do you think eMobility is not living up to its full potential today?
As an equal co-founder and CTO of a pre-seed startup you have the chance to accelerate the
transition to a sustainable world of transportation and energy.
About Us:
We from eCar.me​ think that eMobility could be much more successful when a user can find the best
electrical car for the best price available. We want to build a platform to compare leasing rates and in
collaboration with other startups add extra optional services tailored to eMobility.
Our team consists of two friends (1 full time CEO, 1 strategic advisor) with an exceptional background
in industrial engineering, sustainable energy and entrepreneurship. We already have several business
angels and strategic investors who are willing to invest in our startup and believe in the team.

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