What you bring to the team

- Building and leading the company together with your co-founders
- Creating a winning go-to-market strategy for new hardware enabled solutions
- Developing services and new products with our engineers (from prototype to market-ready release)
- Setting up all operations in order to gain great market traction
- Partnering with matching corporates and investors
- Building your team and shaping its culture
- Rethinking the business strategy to take the company to the next level

What awaits you

- Immediate responsibility and space for your own ideas
- Sparring & mentorship with industry veterans
- Seed funding for the venture
- Access to our engineering competencies and strategic network
- Equity in the company and salary

What we offer you

assistr is an exciting new venture supported by NBT AG. We are developing IoT solutions to allow for an independent life of elderly people in their home environment. Currently we are developing the first two products.

We are seeking an entrepreneurial Co-Founder with expertise in technological development who wants to help grow an IoT business in one of the most interesting industries in the world.

We do NOT hire specifically for experience. That’s what everyone else does. We hire people whose trajectory will explode when they join us, pulling us along with them. * Day 1 responsibility and freedom for your ideas
* Sparring & Mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs and senior managers
* Direct seed financing for the venture
* Salary and venture participation

About us

We develop technical solutions to allow for an independent life of elderly people and people in need of care in their home environment.

Bring two product prototypes into the testing phase

Target group

Berlin Region
0h / week worktime
KA salary
KA Shares
from immediately Startdate


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