Developer gesucht für Webdesign Startup Stand Nov 2015
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Professional web editing

Create websites with our online editor which feels like Sketch or Illustrator. Don't compromise, freely position any element on any layer. Use the freedom of an infinite canvas. Create your navigation and add code - if you like (:

Outstanding UX

Layers introduces frames and transitions:
Define graphically where and when which content should appear. Define animated transitions. Add touch gestures to navigate through your site.

Die Herausforderungen

Finish Layers prototype. Test with customers. Fix. Launch.


Designers & Web Developers

Deine Aufgaben

Extend & develop the presentation library of our webdesign platform. This includes showing and transforming layers of HTML content based on user interactions, like clicks or touch gestures. Responsive design. Usage of code workflows like mercurial (or git), unit testing and deployments.


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- Work on an amazing state of the art web design product with cutting edge Javascript technology.
- Learn what it takes to create a full stack web application
- Dive into the Berlin startup scene and work with an international team
- Take responsibility as one of the first on board

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Thomas Handorf

Thomas Handorf



Layers is a next generation web editor. It let's you create amazing interactive and responsive websites purely graphically. Place elements freely on layers t...

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