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A platform for sustainable & cool fashion that provides software tools & services to enable creatives to bring their own sustainable collections to market in weeks, instead of months. The most popular items are produced made-to-order by sustainable producers affiliated to the platform, while all other aspects like logistics & e-commerce are provided by the platform as services.

Die Herausforderungen

- Search for a female co-founder with domain know-how
- Getting first pilot partners to validate our model
- Development of an MVP / prototype


Young creatives that want to bring their sustainable fashion ideas to market but have only limited resources, know-how & contacts.

Deine Aufgaben

We are looking for a female co-founder who has strong professional experience in fashion, ideally as a fashion designer with emphasis on sustainability.
- Collaboration with development team to build the platform & software tools for designing fashion
- support partners/customers to design & produce their sustainable collections
- business development: establish partnerships along the supply chain and optimize it

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Our concept is not only part of an inspiring mission, but represents also a huge economic potential as we believe that sustainability will & should become the future of fashion. With an innovative business model rooted in empirical insights we want to position ourselves both to profit from and drive this development.
Moreover, we are a well-attuned & ambitous young team that covers all business & technical skills needed. Now we are just lacking a 4th, female co-founder to complement our team with professional fashion-know-how!

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Anton Zhao

Anton Zhao

Co-Founder & CEO



Enable creatives to bring sustainable fashion collections to market in weeks, instead of months.

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