CTO / CMO gesucht für Internet of files Stand Mrz 2019
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I offer a work environment driven by innovation. I just wanna create something with a value. I wanna do great work. And especially with someone who is driven by the same spirit. I don't offer any money or security. Sure equity is possible, but I don't care that much. The platform is already developed and now has to go to the market.
To sum up, I offer an adventure.

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Find a co-founder. Bring this thing to the world.


First of all students.

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I've developed the platform. And I now wanna bring it to the next step.
I'm pretty good at developing. But I'm better in marketing and design. So I'm looking for someone who could be a business person or a developer. Both would be very helpful. But in general I'm open for everybody.

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Everybody needs knowledge. And I wanna create something that makes it easier to access. I wanna do something that makes everyone more powerful.

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Cashew gonna redefine the way we find and share knowledge. We searching knowledge by going through websites. But everyone creates knowledge by creating files...

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