CTO gesucht für Speech Recognition StartUp Stand Mrz 2019
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We create speech-to-text software solutions for AR Glasses using state of the art audio filtering, DSP and machine learning techniques.

Die Herausforderungen

- Technical Development
- Partnerships with hardware manufacturers
- Develop detailed Sales and Marketing concepts


Hearing-Impaired people / Hörgeschädigte Menschen

Deine Aufgaben

You will be one of the co-founders of TalSyn and are actively involved in all decisions regarding company growth and above all technical development.
You will work in research and development of TalSyn signal processing and speech recognition as well as take a key role in building up the team.
You will push the limitations in robust speech recognition and create technological innovations in this field.

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Let’s make the world a better place by bridging the gap for people with hearing disability.

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Tim Treskatis

Tim Treskatis


Imagine a world in which no one has to struggle with hearing loss ever again. This becomes possible with real-time captions for augmented reality glasses.

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