CTO gesucht für Mitakus analytics Stand Feb 2019
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Mitakus is developing a software, to help chefs and owners of canteens to reduce food waste and cost resulting from surplus in ordering and production, by providing a demand prediction of guests and daily food servings.

Die Herausforderungen

- At the current stage we have developed a software prototype and the models for prediction and recommendation. Now we are building a scalable architecture
- Signed several LOIs with partners in Munich and Nürnberg to run a pilot project until end of April.
- Seed Investment end of summer


Chefs and owners of canteens in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Also, production and procurement managers in big gastronomy companies, like Sodexo and Compass Group.

Deine Aufgaben

To create a sophisticated software architecture for a scalable solution, we are now looking for a software developer as co-founder and CTO of Mitakus!
• Experience in development of scalable SaaS
• Strong familiarity back-end development and modern technologies
• Reliability, proactive work and personal commitment
• Part-time engagement, later full-time. Both possible
• UI/UX design expertise helpful, but not required

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We are passionate not only about deep tech solutions, but also about giving back in the form of economic value and social value. Our goals is to solve a major social problem of our society: Food waste.

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Roman Wolkow

Roman Wolkow

We want to be the No.1 player in predictive analytics and AI in the gastronomy to chefs in this industry eliminate food waste.

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