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Be part of a revolutionary decentralized infrastructure platform for sharing, exchanging and using distributed data in a global network. Support the team in designing and implementing a marketing and communication strategy for a young high-tech startup. You are
• … responsible for developing as well as establishing our social media presence (Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).
• … supporting the development of a marketing strategy.
• … supporting market and customer research.

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Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.

We strongly believe most industries and sectors are at a breaking point when it comes to digitalization and the Sharing Economy. While most companies still see themselves as an island, a globally interconnected world, that runs on data, requires a consolidation of different companies working as one.

The ConnAct B2B platform is a pioneering solution for the Internet of things, integrating and accessing decentralized, heterogeneous data in real-time without storing it centrally. It revolutionizes the way of secure and traceable data sharing with business partners in a global network while securing data sovereignty and full control for the data owner.We are looking forward to meet you and build the future of B2B data sharing together.

You want to be part of a young, highly motived team, work on exciting and pioneering projects in a startup environment while realize your own ideas? Help shape our future and send us your CV or a link to your complete social media profile (LinkedIn, Xing).

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