Entwickler / zukünftiger CTO gesucht für Land Coin Stand Sep 2018
Entwickler / zukünftiger CTO
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Tokenization of a farm based in Illinois (USA).

Die Herausforderungen

Development of a prototype


People that need a liquid storage of value baked by land

Deine Aufgaben

Development of a prototype
Have a functional token to be held in a smartphone cryptocurrency wallet.
Have a secure administrative and user interface along with a technical framework (built on existing solutions).
Identify needs for further technical development (road map) and/or further conceptional adjustment.

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To have a meaningful and positive impact on the world, by maintaining and improving the Health and Productivity of the earth’s Arable Land; while providing a Secure and Trusted Store of Value to our Coin Holders.

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To create a digital currency backed by land.

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