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We at cazziz aim to challenge the big guys like Apple, Google and Facebook. Its going to be a tough journey along a pretty rocky road, but hey, that's where the fun is, right?

We are building a Mobile Wallet Platform specifically for the unique requirements of the German market. In Germany, Mobile Payments and Mobile Wallets did not take off so far - a market with enormous unused potential. Many startups and big players have failed building/introducing such a product in Germany - we won't - we will create something that people actually want to use.

Payments are just a small fraction of our product, here are our main goals:
- Make it easier than ever for users/customers to save real money on a daily basis.
- Give the user/customer the power over his own data back.
- Build a platform for an extensive array of customer - company interactions.
- Give users the choice to use and learn about crypto-payments on the go - next to regular payment methods.

The potential of our product has been recognized by many companies and individuals. Among others, we are are EXIST-funded from June 2018 onward.

Well this is the start. Our vision behind all of this is even bigger. What we try to do is extremely ambitious - its not going to be easy at all - we will step on the feet of many major players in the FinTech, Mobile Payment and Social Media realm. If this is your kind of challenge - talk to our founder Flo Oberhofer: flo@cazziz.de ;). We are based out of Munich.

PS: If you think that Mobile Payments will be dominated by Apple Pay etc. - maybe - but we are actually looking forward to them entering the market. It will educate people and people will get aware of better alternatives which allow them to do so much more then what they have to offer.

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What we are looking for is a full-fledged co-founder for the position as CFO to join us in this quest. Two major topics which will also fall in your jurisdiction are: possibly an ITO/funding and acquiring an eMoney license (respectively banking license later).

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Flo Oberhofer

Flo Oberhofer

Founder & CEO


We are building a Mobile Wallet Platform specifically for the unique requirements of the German market.

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