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- CTO position as technical co-founder
- Investor to accelerate business growth
- Mentor for advisory function

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Prototype as decent MVP just going to be finalized . Our upcoming steps will be to test the mobile application in a beta flight, get customer feedback and do improvement on mobile app to move forward towards commercial launch.


People with shipping needs for goods, items or even a ride for themselves, and travellers nerby and willing to deliver.

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You are looking to do your own thing and to build up your own business? I'm looking for a co-founder who takes the technical lead and firstly will be in charge for developing the web app as well the mobile app (iOS/Android). I'm not looking for somebody work for me in this position - I'm looking for an equal partner - so if we start together you will have a share of the company (equity stake has to be negotiated). The fitting co-founder should have deep skills in IT, especially in programming, mobile and web application development and project management, and gained already broad experience with IT projects. You should be looking to build up your own company with entrepreneurial spirit in its best and should be willing to invest a lot of energy to make it happen.
Further details about the business idea I would like to share in a personal discussion to figure out what is possible. - If you are interested to become part of the next revolution please drop me a line with some words of motivation and your background. Looking forward.

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Unique business idea with a lot of freedom to develop a great product!

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Bruno Wiederkehr

Bruno Wiederkehr



Swoopstar is a crowdsourced courier service, that matches people with transportation needs with travellers near them and willing to deliver.

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