Local Director gesucht für International Women's Connection Stand Okt 2016
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Women in Business, Female Founders, Female Young Professionals, Students

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As our Local Director you will lead an IWC chapter and find the people to join.
IWC Chapters are small networks of people who regularly meet up to encourage and learn from each other because only together women can accomplish great things.

If you are passionate about empowering and growing your local network then apply to become an IWC Local Director and play a central role in your area to support women.

Starting and leading a chapter can be a monthly meetup at your home, a café or at campus. You can organise the network alone or with a friend, colleague or anyone you feel comfortable with. The most important point is to meet up regularly and find people to participate.

In order to gain the best possible outcome we will support you with technical, operational requirements and all you need.

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We are an international and neutral organization that want to
- connect female professionals from different backgrounds with each other
- facilitate an interdisciplinary platform to exchange knowledge
- inspire other women by sharing experiences
- encourage all women to be more active and visible in their communities and at work
- support international women in the workplace through trainings and workshops
- empower women to increase their participation and leadership in society
Imagine a world in which gender equality is truly lived:
We see women having the same opportunities at work as their male counterparts.
We envision women being more visible and represented in leading positions.
You can help accomplish this goal through being an active member of the IWC

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The International Women’s Connection started in 2016 as a network and with the mission to connect, inspire and empower women in business as well as young fem...

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