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Allrounder needed for Shredrack, tronature Traunstein

"functional and sustainable hardware products that solve travel and sport problems and have an impact and open doors to new useful projects!"
Employee as PR Manager Marketing Manager Sales Manager for 40 h/week

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SHRED RACK GmbH Traunstein

"grow the business with functional and sustainable products that solve problems have an impact and open doors to new useful projects! Topics are adventure, t..."
in the area of E-Commerce Hardware Sports

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Tobi Deckert Traunstein

"„the thought of not risking anything, is terrifying to me„"
Founder with focus Engineer Business Developer Product Manager for 5h/week

Lukas Traunstein

"Gemeinsam Neues erschaffen um die Welt zu bewegen!"
Founder Employee with focus Consultant Manager Project Manager for 15h/week

Sebastian Mühlbauer Traunstein

"Junger Unternehmer mit vielen Ideen und Kampfgeist."
Founder with focus Other for 41h/week

Daniel Schneider Traunstein

"Get to know me - it pays off!"
Employee with focus Business Developer Operations Manager Project Manager for 20h/week

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