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Founders & CxO's wanted for The Founders Platform Remote

"Be part of an exclusive online platform for tech founders."
Startups wanted for succession

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🎈 Produktdesigner (m/w/d) needed for E-Commerce Startup Remote

"Entwickle die π–―π—‹π—ˆπ–½π—Žπ—„π—π–Ύ π—π—ˆπ—‡ π—†π—ˆπ—‹π—€π–Ύπ—‡ eines etablierten Startups aus Dresden und unterstütze unser Team aus A-Playern."
Employee as Designer

CTO needed for Startup Remote

"Wir wollen mit unserem Startup dafür sorgen, dass nie wieder unproduktive Meeting geführt werden. "
Founder as Developer

Mitstreiter needed for Start-up Gründung Remote

"Nicht die Großen fressen die Kleinen, sondern die Schnellen fressen die Langsamen ;-)"
Founder as Business Developer Data Scientist Researcher

Tech Cofounder needed for B2B SaaS in No-Code Space Remote

"Web app for businesses and individuals to create protected, invite-only sites or portals for their users, clients, partners, participants..."
Founder as Developer

CTO und weitere Mitgründer needed for digitale Mobilitätsplattform Remote

"Jedem die passende Mobilität ermöglichen - individuell - flexibel - nachhaltig."
Founder as Business Developer Developer Other

Co-Founder als CTO (App Developer) needed for KI-based-Calisthenics/Fitness App Remote

"Menschen einen simplen Zugang zu einer ausgewogenen und sportlichen Lebensweise geben."
Founder as Developer Developer (Mobile)

Software Developer needed for NTF PaaS Remote

"Tokenique will become the Shopify for the NFT market space offering a platform as a service to easily create independent online NFT shops"
Employee as Developer (backend)

CMO needed for Premium Streetware Label für Gamer Remote

"DAS Premium Streetwear-Label für Gamer! Wir produzieren einzigartige Produkte und möchten das Label zu einer multichannel Brand ausbauen."
Employee as Marketing Manager

CTO / VP Engineering needed for VC funded pre-seed B2B SAAS Fintech startup Remote

"Develop leading Financial performance management software for Start-/Scale Ups and SME"
Founder as Developer for 41 h/week

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Crypto Horse Racing Remote

" CryptoHorse ist die erste Blockchain-Plattform der Welt, auf der Sie Pferde kaufen, verkaufen, sammeln, züchten und rennen können, die auf Ethereum Blockcha..."
in the area of B2C Games Software Development

*** Portal for Realtors & Owners | PropTech Startup Remote

"Portal für Immobilienmakler & -verkäufer | Sales Made Easy For Realtors & Property Owners | PropTech Startup | >>> Mail to [email protected]"
in the area of Advertising Financial Services Real Estate

Founder8 Remote

"Our mission is to help founders scale up their tech startup to realise a prosperous world."
in the area of Marketplace / Platform

Unleash Leadership Remote

"To be the global leadership marketplace for learning journeys with individuals, teams and organisations, for greatness and prosperity of all."
in the area of Corporate Training

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Winno Remote

"Innovative Geschäftsmodelle + Problemlöser der Zukunft, Patente, Lizenzen, Franchise-Konzepte"
Founder with focus Business Developer Manager HR Manager for 41h/week

Anton Remote

"Platform economy enthusiast helping companies and founder to put their foot in marketplace industry."
Founder with focus Operations Manager Consultant for 41h/week

Stephan Remote

"Mach es lieber 80% richtig als 100% gar nicht."
Founder Employee with focus Developer Engineer for 20h/week

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