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Wir unterstützen Startups beim Bau eurer Web/App Projekte als CoFounder, entweder als reine Agentur zu wirklich fairen Startup-Preisen oder über Code4Equity.

With our passionate team of web developers, app developers, Unity experts, online and offline marketing specialists and startup minds with a focus on financing and advice, we support startups and foreign companies on their way to success!

Web/App Development & Company Building from a single source!

Code4Equity enables cost-effective implementation of even complex projects!

our in-house development team delivers high quality web and app projects as well as extensive mobile / app games!

The basis for extraordinary digital strategies is an innovative and networked way of thinking and working. This is the only way to create overall concepts for outstanding campaigns that work across all channels!

In addition to a high level of coding and technology expertise, we have all the relevant digital skills to make your business models or projects a success!

Code4Equity / Investment
Visavis Ventures realizes successful online projects in various industries. We have 10 years of experience in founding and promoting young and well-established companies. Our investments prosper because we combine the New Economy and Old Economy synergistically and bring innovative ideas to their full potential.

As a business angel, we promote founders and business models with ideas, Code4Equity and investments, to whom we make our know-how and network available for joint, successful growth. You have the idea and willpower - we have the venture capital and the right contacts to make your project a success on the market!

A calculation that works: Founders First plus venture capital and network!
Your idea ignites. Your willpower pushes. Our know-how will get you ahead faster!
Together we grow stratospheric!

What does Code4Equity mean? Of course, we also work in the traditional way for a fee. let's explain code4equity: We support start-ups beyond the normal scope of agency work as co-founders with our Code4Equity program.

What does that mean exactly?

For example: Moritz would like to have an app like TikTok built, but he lacks the necessary funds to pay for a complete development. Moritz turns to us with his idea, we think the idea is cool and would build Moritz his app for a small 4-digit amount to protect against risk and for a 7-15% share (depending on the effort) in his company. The amount is not due in advance, but is due in several milestones against partial deliveries. For example: 50% after delivery of the entire design, 50% after completion of the app. In addition to the pure initial development, we also provide maintenance and further development, as well as our expertise in the areas of financing, marketing and our contacts in order to make the joint project a success.

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Web / App Entwicklung für Startups

Wir unterstützen Startups beim Bau ihrer Web/App Projekte. Ob als reine Agentur zu wirklich fairen Startup-Preisen oder über Code 4 Equity als CoFounder.

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