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CIRCULAR ECONOMY ALL THE WAY - We want to eliminate waste and minimize pressure on natural resources and ecosystems.

One of the biggest challenges humanity is facing today is the drain on natural resources by conventional consumer industries – and the immense amount of waste caused by disposable items. We want to help realise ideas that make the most efficient use of resources and reduce waste drastically – from products to services and technologies. Therefore, our CEO Jan Patrick Schulz came up with an award that facilitates Circular Economy innovations in 2014: the Green Alley Award was born.

In 2014 Landbell Group initiated the Green Alley Award, Europe’s first startup prize for the circular economy. Starting out as a local waste disposal company in 1995, Landbell Group has become a global service provider for environmental and chemical compliance. We are your partner on the way towards a more sustainable future and help our clients unlock the potential of Circular Economy – for example when it comes to alternative packaging, eco-design or sustainable manufacturing processes.

We embrace innovation and facilitate change – hand in hand with startups.

From Mainz to the rest of the world: a strong desire to innovate led Landbell to reshape the German recycling market. Landbell Group is now a global specialist for environmental and chemical compliance.

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Green Alley Award für Green start-up or eco-entrepreneur

Are you a green start-up or eco-entrepreneur with a brilliant idea in the green and circular economy sector?

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