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Airbus BizLab supports passionate leaders to build new businesses

Through the Airbus BizLab aerospace accelerator network, start-ups and Airbus “intrapreneurs” across the globe have transformed innovative ideas into valuable businesses. Moving forward, our commitment to leveraging collective ingenuity for inventive solutions continues with our new co-innovation ambition coming soon.

In 2015 we launched Airbus BizLab, which has allowed us to accelerate 90+ start-ups, nearly 70 internal projects, and seven spinouts, valued at €104 million. With four flagship locations Toulouse (France), Madrid (Spain), Hamburg (Germany) and Bangalore (India), Airbus BizLab provided early-stage projects with wide-ranging support through a six-month acceleration programme. Start-ups gained access to a large number of Airbus coaches, experts and support staff who provided technical and business advice in their respective domains. They also benefited from networking opportunities with Airbus decision-makers, and Airbus customers and partners.

Building on our success with Airbus BizLab, we have enhanced our start-up collaboration activities to focus on corporate innovation, “startup engagement” and company-building. More to come on this very soon- stay tuned!


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AirbusBizLab supports passionate leaders to build new businesses

Airbus BizLab offers to early-stage selected projects wide-ranging support in the form of a 6 month acceleration program.

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