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Software Product Design / Discovery Phase

We have a well-configured process that consists of two phases: the Software Product Design phase and the Development phase.

During the Software Product Design phase, we’ll define and collect all the requirements, prepare all the necessary materials for a quick start, and eliminate future risks and obstacles that can arise during the development. In such cases, the UX/UI Designer, BA, and Tech Lead are involved from our side.

After that you'll get a variety of deliverables:

-> Work Breakdown Structure ready for development
-> Each user’s flow within the platform is finalized and visualized
-> UI guidelines and documentation to hand off to development
-> Project Development Plan and Roadmap
-> Software Specification Requirements are formed and approved by main stakeholders
-> Assumptions and risks at various stages of development
-> Backlog formed in Jira (for the first sprints)

Then, once we prepared the roadmap, Project Development plan, high-quality wireframes, and other specifications, we'll move on to the Development Phase.

Get in touch with me at [email protected] to find out how we can help you.

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