Redefining screen time: Where every swipe teaches and nurtures.



What we offer

Are you a marketing hustler with a heart of gold or a digital wizard with a positive future in mind?
At DailyBlossom, we're crafting a digital chaperone that transcends the norm of screen time management to foster emotional well-being in kids. In the thriving $23.45 billion digital mental health market, our unique blend of technology and interactive growth tools sets us apart, offering more than just app-blocking features.

As we navigate the customer validation phase, the enthusiastic feedback underscores our strong market fit and the urgent need for a product like ours. Unlike traditional platforms such as Freedom and Cold Turkey, DailyBlossom takes a nurturing approach, focusing on the emotional development of children as they interact with technology.

We're looking for partners and investors who share our vision and understand the vast potential within the $450 million SOM we're aiming to capture. Your contribution will be more than just an investment; it's a partnership towards building a positive future for children.

In return, we offer the chance to be part of a pioneering venture poised for significant growth and impact. Joining DailyBlossom means investing in fun, games, and the joy of shaping a healthier, more emotionally intelligent future for the next generation. Together, we won't just witness growth; we'll be part of the fun, innovating and playing our way to a brighter digital tomorrow.

Target group

Families of 4-16-year-olds seeking to balance their children's digital life with emotional intelligence and healthy habits


Recruiting a dedicated team capable of turning our ambitious vision into a reality, while crafting a product that effectively balances screen time with emotional growth

Our Story

Jonah, aware of the growing problem of unchecked screen time among children, embarked on a mission to change the narrative. Drawing from his personal experience with neurodiversity, he created DailyBlossom - an innovative solution aimed at transforming how children interact with technology. As the product began taking shape, the need for like-minded individuals became clear.

Right now, Jonah is seeking co-founders: individuals who understand the potential of technology to positively shape young minds. With a solid foundation laid and a clear vision for the future, the next step is to team up with strategic thinkers and creators ready to refine and grow DailyBlossom. This is an invitation to be part of a mission-driven journey, shaping a future where technology nurtures rather than distracts. If you're ready to make a tangible impact and guide the next generation towards a healthier digital lifestyle, this opportunity is for you.