We enable the WWW of IoT - a world of fully self-organized devices, which can autonomously communicate and interact with each other - and with it disrupt IoT.



What we offer

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Peeriot helps companies manage the data flood from their devices by providing them with a software suite that self-organizes and securely stores, pre-processes, and routes information to exactly where it is needed.

Four megatrends create a perfect timing to reshape IoT: Decentralization, Data Mesh, Cyber Security, and AI.

We are addressing these megatrends and challenges by creating a new software category in IoT called #PeerIoT. That solves some of the biggest problems in IoT, a 1 trillion dollar market with 20% CAGR: Interoperability, Less Scalability, and Data Governance.

We offer the first solution for a fully connected world that connects devices via plug-and-play, manages information in a self-organizing way, and automatically routes it to where it is needed. These capabilities are the required base for a fully connected world and autonomous AI-based systems.

We offer enterprises a software suite for secure, self-organized devices & networks.

We are starting with small local use cases for one enterprise and want to grow with our customers and their networks.

Our vision is to be the standard technology for data exchange for the billions of IoT devices.

Target group

Our customers are companies that set up device networks; or device manufacturers that want to add new features to their devices. We initially address the Industrial IoT, Smart City, and Smart Mobility sectors in the DACH region.


Finalizing MMP and bring it to market.

Our Story

In 2010, Ben, the former head of global innovation at Konica Minolta, tested a new software technology called Bitcoin, mined 4 blocks, received 200 Bitcoins, and deleted the software. A few years later, he remarked that 200 bitcoins would have been quite a lot of money. He thoroughly studied the technology behind it and became the head of development for several well-known high-tech startups such as Swan or Nothern Bitcoin. It was there that he met Roy, a former management consultant. Together, they developed an idea of how decentralized peer-to-peer technology can solve the biggest problems in IoT: scalability and interoperability (It's difficult to set up and scale IoT applications). That was the starting point for Peeriot.

We formed a team of 5 founders, founded the GmbH in March 2022 and closed the first seed round six months later.

Since then we have expanded the technology concept and confirmed the feasibility. We created the product concept and tested in on market. We developed the core technology of the technology and an associated showcase to demonstrate our technology. And we build up a partner network and won Top-10 IT company as a strategic partner.

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