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What we offer

Vancy will bring people together and turn strangers into long-term business partners. For this purpose, a data-driven cloud-native platform has been developed as a Personal Network Assistant (PNA). Vancy facilitates initial contact and meeting organization in both analog and digital realms. Barriers such as connecting individuals and even the act of getting acquainted are supported through data-based algorithms, encompassing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Operations Management (OM).
Addressing the needs of online users, Vancy prevents them from getting lost in the anonymity of vast social platforms. Instead, Vancy provides tailored suggestions for potential business contacts based on their specific requirements. The platform not only handles initial outreach but actively and purposefully arranges meetings between users. As a result, Vancy streamlines connections, enabling effective business relationships that align with their needs.
Through personalized and segmented user areas, Vancy empowers employees, service clubs, and industry associations to effectively manage and organize their entities, considering network-specific aspects. Operating as a Personal Network Assistant (PNA), the platform ensures members can stay in constant contact. Furthermore, they can recruit potential members for their organization from Vancy's user pool, expanding their network beyond their confines.
Thus, Vancy actively supports establishing and reinforcing connections within and beyond organizations, resulting in efficient and dynamic network maintenance

Target group

The diversity of target groups reflects the flexibility of Vancy which appeals to people at different stages of life and career, enabling them to build tailored connections that meet their individual goals and needs.


As Vancy moves forward, several challenges await:
• User Engagement: Ensuring consistent and meaningful engagement among users in a competitive networking landscape.
• Data Privacy: Safeguarding user data and maintaining privacy while utilizing data-driven algorithms.
• Algorithm Refinement: Continuously refining AI and OM algorithms to enhance accurate matchmaking and connection suggestions.
• Market Penetration: Gaining traction and capturing a substantial market share in the networking platform space.
• Balancing Automation and Personalization: Striking the right balance between automation for efficiency and personalization for meaningful interactions.
• Adapting to Trends: Remaining adaptable to evolving networking trends and technological advancements.
• Building Trust: Establishing trust among users to encourage active participation and sharing of valuable information.
• Monetization: Developing sustainable revenue streams without compromising the user experience.
• Community Management: Ensuring a positive and supportive community atmosphere for all users.
• Global Expansion: Successfully expanding beyond initial markets while adapting to diverse cultural norms and preferences
• Venture Capital