Our Story
Growing consumers awareness of the fact that Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry and commonly abusing human rights.
The sustainable fashion market is growing exponentially (+300% in the US in a decade). Hundreds of brands are starting to use “sustainable” production methods. Major brands like Nike, Hugo Boss or Levi´s are launching sustainable products.
Fashion brands struggle to communicate on sustainability and gain consumer trust.
Consumers don’t trust brands and are confused because:
• There is no clear definition of sustainable fashion
• Existing certifications are not known and not attractive
SUSTAINABLE IDENTITY is the only certification for sustainable fashion with an attractive image, an effective communication and clear requirements on environmental, social and chemicals aspects.
We encourage brands to display OUR logo outside certified clothes to enable consumers to show their values to the world in a trendy way (same concept as the e-vehicles with the blue or green colour touch).
Our VISION is to become the visual icon of the global movement of conscious consumers.
In that sense, it is an innovative concept as it combines verification with marketing, promotion and fashion communication.
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